Monday, October 27, 2008

5th In State!

The Pride Of Mesa Ridge took 5th in their class during the Colorado State Marching Band Championships. Way to go Art, Becca and Rocky! They performed at Invesco Field. Becca, who is pretty much as anti-Bronco as I am pro-Bronco, even stopped in the end zone and picked some grass for me before leaving the field.

Watching the Oompas compete was the highlight of my vacation. The rest of the time was pretty much a blur of non-accomplishments. Normally a vacation spent doing absolutely nothing would be a good thing, but I had so much that I wanted to do, and needed to do, but other things came up and my to-do list has gotten longer if anything.

Zack, the Great House Mouse Killer, is in trouble. Becca befriended one of the furry refugees and even gave it the name "A B C Alphabet Soup" (please note a slight concern on my part as to her potential choice of names for my future grandbabies). Zack spent the weekend with us so he could watch his siblings compete. He was introduced to 'A B C Alphabet Soup' by his frantic cousin who was startled by the rodent in the bathroom (think it was my little peeking tom?) His hunter instincts kicked in and Zack promptly stomped the poor little critter to death. Becca was devastated (sort of) when she heard the news, until she discovered that 'A B C Alphabet Soup' had relatives living with us as well. Zack went back to Florence last night and won't be back until next weekend, which means the mice will be running rampant until then. Just Jim Fricken Dandy! Hopefully they don't breed as fast as dust bunnies.

It snowed the other night... not enough to stick by morning, but the Peak got a nice dusting. Unfortunately I have been having to deal with frost on the windshield for a week now, which under normal circumstances would not be a problem but I'm driving Big Red, who should qualify for a handicap parking stall herself. She has no power steering at all... not right nor left so now both of my arms are quite muscular underneath all of my flab. I've decided that with the cold weather setting in... the window is definitely stuck half way down! And that is especially sucky since neither the heater nor the defroster work. If I survive the winter Dickidoo has promised to buy me a new vehicle when he pays off the Hemi in the spring. That's 'if' with a capital 'I F'.

Dickidoo is still convinced that I should drive a mini-van. I am still convinced that I should not. Besides seating capacity and mileage the mini-van has nothing I want or need. I'm not sure why he is so insistent about it, perhaps he's hoping that even this late in the game I can still be converted into a Stepford wife type soccer mom, but buddy, that just ain't gonna happen. I want a car, an SUV (which get great mileage now days) or a small truck. If he wants a mini-van he can trade the Hemi in for one himself. I want a vehicle with balls! Like maybe a little 2008 Dodge Challenger....

Can you see me in one of those? I can!


Tabby said...

Congrats Oompa's! Glad they did well. Poor ABC I would of been freaked out, stomping on a mouse...ewww Well I hope you do get a better veh and not a mini van (tell him all the moms I work with drive them and they constantly have things going wrong with them). Enjoy your day

garnett109 said...

Have him by 2 and send one to me1lol!
mice breed more than rats and dust bunnies

Justplainbill said...

WTG OOmpas nice showing. Dorn just get some transportation. When talked about weather I had to get my blanket out for my sholders. Brrr, Bill

Indigo said...

Congrats on the Oompas competing, and Zack's hunting prowess! I run around chasing the outside cats trying to rescue the little furry rodents in their mouths...but I DON'T want them in my house. I have a horrible Rat story I'll tell you someday from when I was little. You can get a 4x4 Pathfinder or something like that. It rides like a car yet gives you space. Just a thought. (Hugs)Indigo

Jill Marie said...

Congratulations Oompa's! Way to go!
"ABC Alphabet Soup"? LOL I can jsut imagine some of the names "Granny" Dorn is going to have for grandkids. Princess Pea Soup, Hemi Tuff, LOL.
Yeah...I'm thinking you would look great in the Dodge Chanllenger. Come pick me up for the test drive. ;)

Traci said...

Good for the marching band! I love a good marching band. I was in a very mediocre marching band. Wish you could get a new car soon. The truck doesn't sound too good for CO weather.