Friday, October 17, 2008

The Way Things Are...

Things did not go well in Kentucky for my sister-in-law so she and the Southern Oompas will have to return there. My nephew Joe has decided to stay here with us until the rest of the family can move out permanently.

Grandma Violet Jean will return to Kentucky with the rest of her family. I'm sure that sometime in the future her final wishes will be fulfilled, her ashes will be scattered in the Colorado Rockies, and she will be laid to rest but I have given my word and it will be without assistance from me and my Windtunnel.

Dickidoo left for elk camp this morning. With all that has been going on this past week he almost decided to call the whole trip off.

And ruin my vacation? I think not!

I brainstormed like crazy. I came up with options and alternatives. I even found his missing hunting license. He was going hunting, dang it, if I had to drag him up there myself!

Actually he has been a solid rock through all that has happened here these past few weeks and I think he really needs the time away to rewind, regroup and recoup. His trip has been shortened from 10 days to 4 days, but even that will help.

And I shall have the bed all to myself for 4 nights! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

The Oompas and the high school Marching Band have made it to the State Finals again. This year they are ranked 5th in their class. Needless to say they are ecstatic. This is Rocky's first year. She was nervous in the beginning, but to look at her now you'd think she's been doing it all of her life.

Zack has moved down south where he works at a cement plant. He just bought his first car and he should be in his own apartment by the end of the month. He's 43 miles away and for now we'll see him on the weekends, but I imagine as he becomes accustomed to his independence we shall see less and less of him. (sigh....)

As for me, I am just barely hanging on as my house fills up, empties out and fills up again. Oompas come and go, pulling my heart strings so tight at times that I can barely breath. I try to let the older ones go and spread their wings but it's hard when I know I can't be there if they fall. I try not to become too attached to the younger ones because I know they will be gone in a blink of an eye but it is hard. I feel like a waitress wandering around with my heart on a tray, offering it to everyone, but nobody wants it. They may take a taste but they always put it back and move on.

Maybe I just need to get pregnant and have another Oompa of my own, one that I don't have to worry about falling in love with just to have someone take it away from me.

Ugh! So this is what the empty nest syndrome feels like!

Maybe I just need a good stiff drink.


Dawn said...

Yep... good stiff drink... sounds good.

be well...

garnett109 said...

I'm having a good stiff drink right now for ya!

REGINA said...

um, dorn, i would definitely go for the drink....please, no pregnancies, lol.

i hope you get some well deserved rest for a few days.

be blessed,


Amy said...

I keep saying I need a new baby of my own, too. But then, I realize that I really like I just borrow babies.

Tabby said...

You crack me up. Have a drink, and buy a dog he will be loyal and not leave when he grows up. :)

I Have Tea said...

A good stiff drink would be the first order of business...why not get a dog? That's what I did when the my nest emptied. And shortly after, my son moved back in with his wife and baby in tow.

It's hard not to get attached.

best to you,


Astaryth said...

Whew....found you, found all of your blogs, clicked follow and then to be sure added all of them to my bloglines account. LOL! Glad to see you made the move!!

Traci said...

I'm for the drink! Your fledglings will come home to roost when you need them!

Anonymous said...