Friday, October 31, 2008

The phone has been ringing non-stop today. I let the answering machine pick up the calls. So far of the 20+ calls, only one was a real person... the high school secretary. (only one call from the school today, that's a first!) Obama, McCain and Palin all called. Biden must have lost my number but I anticipate his call by supper time. One of the 200 'Janes' from ARC wants my gently used clothing while 3 different Veteran organizations preferred 3 easy monthly installments. Dan from the police auxiliary thanked me for my generous donation that I didn't make last year and asked for my continued support, and I received my second and last notice of my truck's warranty had expired (for the 100th time) and would like like to renew it? Obviously they have never seen Big Red!
Zack's new used car broke down yesterday so Dickidoo and I made plans to go and pick him up before we left for the concert. I tried to sneak a nap in before we had to leave to get my son but Dickidoo had other plans for my time. Frustrated, I fussed while I tried to find Zack's number to call him and make plans. I remember saying something about someone being a *bleep* head and then I heard a distant voice coming from my phone: 'Jo, are you waiting for me?'. I had forgotten to hang up before trying to make my next call and when Dickidoo tried to make another call immediately after talking to me, we were still connected.
Did he hear my loving endearment? I figured if he didn't offer to buy me a tee shirt at the ZZ Top concert then the answer would be obvious.
We decided to take Big Red down to pick up Zack. I thought it would be a good idea to top off the truck's fluids since she tended to smell on the hot side after even short runs even though the thermostat read normal temperatures. I touched the radiator cap and decided that it was cool enough to remove.
I thought wrong. The cap shot off and radiator fluid spewed everywhere... including into my gaping mouth. Yeah, I know its highly toxic. Dickidoo almost got lucky, but I didn't swallow! By the way, yes, I did in fact get a really cool ZZ Top tee shirt!
The mouse population is down by 3 more residents. Art filled in as exterminator while Zack was gone. He's confident that he has gotten most of them, with the exception of one particular mouse who lives under the kitchen sink and mocks him with its incessant gnawing. I came home the other night and found my youngest son lying on the floor staring at the cupboard, clutching a large hunting knife, poised and ready to make a little mouse-kabob. He has as of yet been unsuccessful.
Guess it's about time to get the apple cider simmering. The little ghosts, ghouls and other costumed candy hunters should be making their rounds in about 3 hours. We've been serving hot apple cider to shivering trick-or-treaters for the past 13 years. Some of the older kids have grown up and now bring their own children to our house, sharing their memories of when they stood on our porch sipping the steaming juice. Family traditions are so cool, but even cooler still is to hear how your own traditions have impacted other families as well.
Happy Halloween~ don't eat too much of your kids candy!


Dawn said...

Oh my you have been busy! I think when you are married around 20 years &^*% head becomes a term of endearment! LOL

be well...

Traci said...

I saw "kids" I taught carting around their kids tonight! Oh my stars. I'm getting old! That's awesome that you have such a memorable tradition.
Sorry about car woes.