Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some people may think that I am the bad seed in the family but that is not so. Dickidoo is the evil one. I may have, in a moment of unguarded impulse, offered to vacuum up my step-ex-mother-in-law, but that is all it was... an unguarded impulse that was never fulfilled.

Dickidoo went one step further.

He had the Oompas stash the crematory box containing Grandma Violet Jean's ashes in the mini-van for his sister to find.

Poor Kesi was already feeling guilty for having misplaced the box to begin with. Then she admitted that while driving through Kansas the other day she saw a white box on the side of the interstate and regretted not stopping to check to see if it was her mother. I suggested that the box had followed her all the way from Kentucky, changing direction each time she made a trip back and forth.

Poor Kesi found the box in the mini van behind her seat and froze.

'Didn't you hear your mother calling out to you.... 'wait Kesi, come back Kesi!" I asked, describing the scene of her mother's box hopping down I-70 from Kentucky until she finally caught up with her in Colorado.

Okay, bad, I know... but I'm not the one who hid the ashes in the mini van to begin with.

That was Dickidoo.

I would never do anything that wicked.



Dawn said...

Oh my... you make me laugh! Poor Kesi!

be well...

Dawn said...

Oh my... you make me laugh! Poor Kesi!

be well...

Traci said...

Oh my word! Did he really?!

REGINA said...

sure you wouldn't, sure sure sure, lol.

but dickidoo is a good one to pin it on anyway, lol.


garnett109 said...

wow , that's all i can say is wow!

Jill Marie said...

Gas---$3.09 gal.
The look on Kesi's face---priceless!

Naughty Dickidoo! LOL

Tabby said...

LOL.....thanks for starting my dreary Wednesday off with a good laugh!

Becky said...

I am leaving in the morning to help my cousin scatter her brother's ashes....not something I am looking forward to doing but ...that is what family does, it helps each other