Monday, April 19, 2004

Allergy Season

Well, its allergy season again.  I knew that without even having to look out the window.  I couldn't look out the window even if I wanted to.... my eyes are so swollen and red I can barely see.  I look like a splotchy red Yoda.  Come to think of it, I kind of sound like him too.  I'm so wired on allergy pills that I can't blink and I can hear EVERYTHING! I may actually get some sleep when winter sets in... ohhhh, in about 6 months from now. 

I never used to have allergy problems, not even in the south where the pine pollen was so thick it looked like yellow nuclear fallout.  My first year here it was so mild I thought it was a cold, but with each passing year it got worse and worse.  "Go to the Doctor" everyone says, but why?  They'll just tell me what it is I'm allergic to which really doesn't matter because its not like I can just stop breathing until it passes.  As for getting prescribed medicines, yeah, I can get the good stuff I'm sure, but its so much cheaper to get the lousy stuff over the counter.

A couple years ago I narrowed my allergy down to the lilac hedge we had in the back yard.  It was beautiful and we looked forward to its blooming every year, but my dear husband, in his effort to make me more comfortable, tore it out.  It immediately made a big difference.... my back yard is now ugly!  Breathing was easier too.  But now I'm struggling for breath again.  I'm surveying the neighborhood for more lilacs so my husband can go and pull them up along with that cherry tree next door. 

I'm kidding of course, the neighbors can keep their cherry tree.  They're just a bit bewildered as to why all the blooms on the tree suddenly disappeared one night.  The fact that it happened just before the trashmen picked up an unusual amount of yard and garden bags from my house was purely a coincidence.



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My boyfriend has serious nose issues..i annoys ME as well as him of course and thats because he constantly complains about it and i have to hear all the ::sniffs:: and nose blowing and all THAT great stuff. We used to think maybe he was allergic to me..but now we've come to find out that even when i'm not around he gets that way so..::shrug:: who knows what it is..