Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Computer Room Make-over

Okay, I've finally decided that its time to redo this computer room.  This is my hide-away room when its not a dumping ground for extra junk while we're having visitors.  Its clear right now only because my brother-in-law spent a week with us earlier in the month and slept in here. 

The thing is, this is my room, and yet it is so totally NOT ME!  The walls are covered with the original foofy pastel sage and peach wallpaper that existed when we move in, and the curtains are a coordinating baby mint green.  Eewwwww!  The carpet is absolutely prehistoric, and is stained from when the room flooded after the sprinkler was turned on next to the open window one summer when it was a storage room, and the damage was not discovered until a week or two later.  Unfortunately it now bears the colors of soggy construction paper and the various hues of mildew.

Call in those Queer Eye dudes cos this room sucks!  Okay, the stuff inside it is kind of cool, even though my husband hates my Coca Cola table and has given it to my son for when he finally comes to collect his stuff before moving out of town (whaaaaaaahhhh!  my baby is growing up and moving away.... FAR awayyyyyy!!!).

I'm getting a new desk, and a set of bookcases... a trade my husband is willing to make in exchange for getting rid of the Coca Cola eyesore (it really is a nice table set... I think he just doesn't like it because he didn't buy it!).  The color scheme is going to hard to choose though.  My room is a weird collection of Coca Cola, teddy bears (I don't officially collect teddy bears, I just have a bunch of really cute ones), fairies, time pieces, dragons and antiques like gumball machines and a vintage Royal typewriter.  Hmmmmm, okay, so nothing really goes together here, but such is my life!  My bobble-heads are either agreeing with me or disagreeing... I'm really not sure since their heads go up and down, but sway side to side.  C'mon guys, you're not helping me!

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