Thursday, April 1, 2004

The Cell Phone Bill

Got the phone bill yesterday.  It was only $119!  Now some folks may think, "thats kind of high...." but let me tell you, I've seen 'high' before, and $119 is no where close!  That T-Mobile commercial where the guy drops a huge package on the table so heavy that the leaf extention breaks... thats my phone bill.  In fact T-Mobile is my carrier so I suspect it really WAS my phone bill.  We had been mislead into thinking we had unlimited evening minutes on our contract when in fact the service was not available in our area at the time. (I had signed up with trainees who had misinterpreted the contract so I doubt it was intentional).  For the first 5 months it was okay because we had stayed within the alloted minutes for our 3 lines, but then my son got a girlfriend and BOOM!  $1200!  And that wasn't even for phone sex!  And do you know what the phone company did?  They immediately cut off and suspended my service, and disabled my online access account... and this was even before the bill was past due!  I was being treated like someone who had bounced a check or just refused to pay the bill.  I was so mad that I threatened to drop them, and they just smiled... I know they smiled, I could hear them smiling!.... and they informed me that it would cost $200 per line for early termination!  With 3 lines that would be $600.  I have finally paid off the charges and the phones are back in service, but I'll get back at them... I don't know how just yet, but I've got until December to think of something.  In the mean time I am just ecstatic over my $119 phone bill.

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jbcoupe said...

Wow! And I thought our first bill of $327 was bad! LOL....We average around $95 a month now with Alltel....Don't ya hate those smarmy phone customer service people? Glad your bill was low this month!