Sunday, April 25, 2004

My Desk

They say you can tell a lot about people just by looking at the things they have on their desk.  Well, heres a little insight into 'Me'.

A Coca Cola Anniversary clock.

A Matchbox 1:43 Coca Cola 1967 GTO

A Matchbox Coca Cola  Diner and Delivery Truck Diarama

A Hardee's Coca Cola Snow Globe

A Coca Cola 1/2 gallon penny candy jar

A Coca Cola vintage art desk calendar

A Coca Cola bear sitting on top of a Coca Cola coozie

A pair of porcelain ferrets

Two kitchen fairies, one of them holding a pewter flintlock

A resin grizzley bear sitting at a computer (a gift I've owed a friend for over a year but haven't yet sent)

An old music box

An hour glass

A Precious Moment's pig-of-the-month for September

A smiley face solar bobble-head doll

A 'Wal*Mart Shopping Fund' bank (empty)

A Christmas ornament with Santa holding a shotgun and a duck flying overhead

A Christmas ornament from Pikes Peak with an elk, a humming bird and a snowflake

A porcelain figure of a little Eskimoe and a baby polar bear

A bobble head Hawaiian turtle

Okay, so what have you learned about me?  I like Coca Cola stuff, I work at Wal-Mart, I'm obsessed with time, my birthday is in September and I have this thing about guns and bobble heads!


cw2smom said...

My goodness!  ALL of that is on one desk?  Interesting!
Lisa (a Pepsi fan!) lol!

dornbrau said...

Hahahahaha!  I get a lot of flack from the gang at Wal-Mart because we officially endorse Pepsi products.

sprite1229 said... big IS this desk??