Monday, April 26, 2004

Bye bye Bunny

The little cottontail died over night.  My daughter found it this morning just before we were to leave for school.  Those poor kids have had it so rough here lately.  But they took such good care of the little creature while it was here.  I'm suspecting one of several things, he was injured from the dog bite worse than we thought (although with the exception for tenderness by the wound he showed no other signs of being hurt), his diet (not what he was raised on), or that he just wasn't meant to be out of the wild.  What ever the reason I do believe he was as comfortable as he could be all things considered and this was just the inevitible.  Try explaining that to a 9 and 12 year old!  Even I was crying!  I still got them to school on time, but I warned the school that they were upset.  Chalk this up to another lesson in life.  But you know what?  This one really hurts.


cw2smom said...

Oh I am sooo sorry for the children and you too, of course!  Take care!

dornbrau said...

Yesterday was hard because I didn't have the adult detatchment that was present when the crab and the other pets.  This little guy was injured so we spent a lot of TLC on it, even though we only had it for a few days.  I hate to see my children cry like that, but this time I was right there with them bawling my eyes out.  Even my husband who once suggested we throw the rabbit on a spit and roast it... was saddened by the loss.  Today is my day off so we'll bury it out behind the shed and tonight we'll pick out a star for the little rabbit.  I have the kids pick out a star for all their loved ones who have passed on, including Grandfathers and hermit crabs.  This way they have something to look at when they start to miss them.  Thank you Cw2smom for the sweet words.

sprite1229 said...

Aww..that lil' thing was so cuuute..I'm actually surprised it died, not that I know ANYTHING about rabbits but still.. :(