Monday, April 19, 2004

Things to Do List

Today is over.... somewhat, and so I plan for my day off tomorrow.  It starts with me getting up at 6 am to get the kids off to school.  Then off to 2 meeting at work... I hate having to go in on my day off, but its paid for so its not too bad.  It also gets me off early towards the end of the week, even better yet!

I've been doing pretty good with the dishes so that doesn't even warrant a line on the list. ( No new mold strains or hybrids to document or catalog.)  The clean laundry pile is actually taller than the dirty laundry pile so I guess that will go on the top of the list.  I'm about ready to make those kids go nekked for a week just to make them appreciate their clothes a little more! 

Next on the list I think will be yard work, which is going to be rough with all that stinking pollen floating around.  I'll have to find a good website on yard work, its been a while since I've been out there in the wilderness.  The last time I worked in the yard I spent all day pulling out the dandilions... only to find out that my yard was then completely bare and I had to replant the dandilions just to make it look green again.  I had grass when I moved in 5 years ago, I think its just hiding under the dirt. 

Finally I think I'll work on the hot tub, you know, a little preventive maintenance... maybe scrubbing the seats and checking the temperature and jets... gotta make sure everything is still working.  And maybe I'll check to see if that little drink float really floats with a drink in it.  Hmmmmm, maybe I'll move the hot tub to the top of the list instead.  Yea, thats what I'll do!


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cw2smom said...

Yes, do the hot tub!  First things first!  lol!