Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Spay or Neuter Your Socks!

Don't know what it is about socks but I never end up with the same number of socks after doing the laundry as I started out with.  I can wash a dozen pair and when I'm done folding the clothes I can have 8 matched pairs and 12 mismatches.  They multiply in the washer, thats the only thing I can think of.  Some get sucked down the drain, which will explain the water drain backing up from time to time.  And then all the illigetimate socks come out in the drying cycle.  I'd just as soon throw away the socks once they become dirty and replace them with new ones rather than go through the frustration of washing them and trying to find the mate to them.  I think that the sock manufacturer are in on this.... they must be making socks out of special material that disappears after so many washes, forcing us to constantly buy more socks.  And no matter if you buy the same brand, same size, same color...  they never match so you can't mix them up.  Its a conspiracy I say! 

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