Friday, April 9, 2004

Lucky Bamboo

I bought a lucky bamboo plant last week.  Its still alive.  I guess it really IS lucky!  I think I will take it with me when I go to court on the 14th for a speeding ticket.  I don't HAVE to go to court, I can pay the ticket by mail, but that would be admitting guilt and I would be automatically assessed 4 points (it was a really FAST speeding ticket!).  Not that I'm innocent, cos I really was speeding as the officer said I was.  I just didn't know that I was speeding.  I honestly thought it was a 35 miles per hour zone.  It was  35 down the street and around the corner.... and about 15 yards infront of where I was pulled over....  I must have blinked when I passed the 25 speed limit sign there by the corner because I never saw it, so when I was informed that I was speeding I said 'Huh uh!'.  And when he said I was going 38 mph I said... 'So?'.... and then he said 'In a 25 mph zone!'  And all I could say was 'Huh?  Where?'.  So I'm going to court to plead my stupidity.... I really thought I was only going 3 miles over the limit.  I can afford to pay the fine since my cell phone bill is under $1000 this month but  I really can't afford the 4 points on my license.... Hopefully the lucky bamboo will bring me luck... if it doesn't die on me before then.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

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