Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm afraid that if I go to bed, Gabe will miss his flight.  He is supposed to fly out of Nashville at 6:10 am, which means he has to be there by 5:00 am.  As of yet he has not opened the email that has his itinerary in so he can print it out.  He hasn't got a computer so he will have had to borrow someone else's.  He doesn't have to have a printed itinerary... I hope...  I gave him all the info on a text message over his cell phone so as long as he has his phone with him, he has the flight number and itinerary number.

I'm just worried that he won't get up and make it to the airport in time.  5:00 is pretty early for a Saturday morning.

I priced his flight last night but didn't book it because he wasn't sure if he was going to drive or fly at that time.  Today when I booked the flight for him, the price had gone up by $200!  For anyone who hasn't already realized this... don't wait until the day before your departure to book your flight!  I could have gotten 13 cases of Corona for that amount.  Or 33 cans of Folgers, or 200 Whoppers on Wednesdays and weekends.  Or maybe 1 gallon of gas!


heathyrxmarie said...

I hope that he makes his flight!  I cannot wait to read about your time with him, and see some great pictures!

cneinhorn said...

a gallon of gas,LOL

Hope all goes well and he makes his flight


chseroo said...

I know you must be so excited.
Enjoy your time with him.

demandnlilchit said...

A gallon of gas???? who you kidding!!!!!! now you know as well as I know that $200.00 worth of gas would buy you ONLY a HALF a tank of gas! lmaoooooo  Enjoy Gabe and hug that soldier for me will ya???

sunflowerkat321 said...

I'm sure he's as excited to see you as you are to have him home.  He'll get there!!!

Enjoy every second.

jckfrstross said...

Praying Gabe makes the flight:)



deshelestraci said...

Hey, Gabe nearly drove by my house on his way from Ft. Campbell to Nashville.  I will keep him in my prayers for safety while travelling.

gdireneoe said...

LMAO at the gas comment...  He'll get there mom...he will.  Your love for your family is a continued source of hope for me.  TY ;)  C.

purplectigger said...

I hope all goes well. If he's as excited to come home as you are to have him , he won't miss the flight. Have a great visit.
Hugs, R.C.

sdoscher458 said...

I know you are waiting with baited breath. I would be..enjoy your son...Sandi

swmpgrly said...

Im the same way I worry about things till its

smartchicknc said...

you are a cool is my ambition to be able to so humorously exploit the things that keep us (as mothers) awake at night....hope your son made it home ok...and that gas know......   lol