Tuesday, August 23, 2005


1. The first one involves what you'd call this set of questions. 

2. Are there any certain AOL Journals that you can't do without?  List a few of your favorites.
I have dozens of journals that I read regularily, but these are always the first on my list. 

By The Way... (This was the very first journal I read.  He made it look so fun and simple).
For Family and friends (Angie swears we are twins, separated at birth.  I tend to agree.  She made me realize that it was okay to be the way I was, because she was exactly like me!)
(sometimes)photoblog (Steven has been my unofficial mentor.  His pictures have challenged me and little by little I am becoming the photographer I have always dreamed of becoming.)
JerseyGirl (Nettie is one of the most inspiring photographer I have ever had the honor to know.  Her eye for beauty in the everyday world around her has taught me to view my own life with eyes wide open so as not to miss the beauty in my own world.  There is a sadness behind her smile that I would love to erase, but that is all part of the beauty that is JerseyGirl)
Lahoma's Laments (I first met Lahoma as FuzzyPanda.  The little dynamo has the mouth of a sailor but the heart of an Angel.   I believe she was  my first reader.)

3. What is the best and worst things that happened during J-land year 2004-2005?
The best I've seen is the bonding of some very special people as they get to know each other through their journals.  Its amazing the impact a journal can have on one's life.  I can think of many positive things that I've learned and done directly because of my involvement with fellow bloggers that I would not have done or achieved had I not started my journals.
The worst is the pain and sadness that flows through the fonts as lives are shared.

4. What changes would you most like to see made to AOL Journals during the third year?

5. Has one of your favorite reads disappeared?  Who would you most like to see return to AOL J-land during the third year?
I miss silly Vincci and her Pink journal.  She has a e-zine called Pinktify, but its not the same.  Also LadydriverSammie from MovingOn.

6. What's the silliest/stupidest/most embarrassing mistake you've ever blogged and overlooked?
Just recently I was bragging on how I could fool my husband, Dickidoo, into thinking that I had been working all day even though I had been on the computer all afternoon and would rush around cleaning just before he got home.  He read my journal at work and left a comment...

7. What's the newest journal you've discovered that you've put into your daily rotation?  (Not necessarily the newest to J-land, but the newest to you.)
Enough is Enough  (This is Scott from Stories From My Ambulance 's big brother.  He just started his journal but I already love it.)


viviansullinwank said...

Thanks {{{{{Dorn}}}}}  I enjoyed reading your survey....how's Lahoma...our 2004 queen of the j land ball...please say hello to her for me.  I'm adding your spell check request to the list I'm compiling for AOL.

Happy Anniversary,

mzgoochi said...

Hi Viv!!!

Thanks Dorn, and yes, I was your first. LOL

Love n hugs!!!

mzgoochi said...

Oh yea, LMFAO over dickidoo busting you!!!

sdoscher458 said...

Great answers Dorn...I can't believe it's another year. I guess time flies when you are having fun...Sandi

tillysweetchops said...

Hello there. As a newbie it was very interesting to read how much keeping a journal has meant to you as a long-standing blogger. It really does seem to have become an important part of your life. I'm new to your journal but I enjoy your style. Thanks for the amusement.

sunnyside46 said...

I am so with you on the spel chekk

missvincci said...

awww..dorn..I miss my PINK THOUGHTS too!!!! Maybe I will have another blog soon...,thanks for the lovely thought!


cneinhorn said...

wow another year gone by...i remember when i first started and yours was one of my first reads along with dads tomato garden journal...such a great mix we have around here...and thank you for the kind words....  

sepintx said...

Mentor :-)
You take great shots and you'll keep on taking great shots too!