Saturday, August 6, 2005

APHRODISIAC, almost adult and the countdown continues

Dickidoo flatulated this morning in bed.  I'm beginning to think its like an aphrodisiac to him.  I'm not really sure if its the smell that gets him going or the sight of me gasping for air like a fish out of the water, but I can almost guarantee that even as my eyes are rolling back in their sockets from the toxic odor, he's scooching over to whisper suggestions in my ear... Half the time I don't hear him because even my ears slam shut against the smell.  Chocolates, Dickidoo, have you ever considered chocolates?  Or flowers... beautiful, sweet roses?  What about music?  KennyG would be nice.  Can we get a little romance going here, please? Sheesh!    And people wonder why I mention farts in my journal so often.  Because my life is filled with them, thats why!  And half of them aren't even mine.

My son Gabe called today.  He's trying real hard to get back here at the end of the month.  He'll be 21 by then, his birthday is on the 17th of this month, a legal adult.  Funny how you can join the military, drive a tank and shoot an M-16 during a war on a foreign country, but you can't drink a beer until you're 21.  I plan to have a beer with my son when he visits.  And hopefully I'll have a glass of milk with my grandson as well.

10 more days until school starts!  The house to myself!  My computer to myself!  My coffee creamer to myself!  I'm almost giddy with excitement.


cmarlow330 said...

lololololol... 10 days till you get your sanity (sp?) back lololololol

I bet you cant wait... lololololololol


robinngabster said...

What is a family without farts? A family that farts together...stays together...or dies off one by one from toxic fumes.  :)

sdoscher458 said...

That's funny...I know some people do not think this is funny...but hey, I know it's real life, in a real world people fart! School already started down here a few days ago and you could hear all the Mom's doing the "Happy Hampster Dance"!  Sandi

krazishyone said...

OMG  what WOULD life be without FARTS??????  well we all would be blotted and bi***en ALOT..........I know that for a hunny says he never heard a gal fart till he met me ( gee been hanging w/ the FACK girls then) well I am damn proud and so are my kids, let alone hunny, that we have this release in life..As my gram use to say...More air out then in....heheheh  I love your entries and read them everyday......My son Zack (18) is moving away on Wednesday,  Not sure how to feel.happy cuz he is doing something w/ his life.or sad  cuz Iwill miss him ALOT!!! And then Kyle (17) starts school soon..can you believe I have NO CLUE what date school starts here.......I like having them home..

krazishyone said...

Dorn becuz of you.I have decided to write my own journal........check it out if you choose. I have a 18 yo son named Zack also.....something about boys names Zack.LOL..Hope you enjoy mine as I have enjoyed your everyday.........I look forward to my e-mail notifacation that you have entered an entry....
I am hoping it works......for some reason I have not been able to find it on the journal search site.....let me know if oyu want.that it is there

heathyrxmarie said...

Woot!  School starts soon!  YAY for you!  And Dickidoo's hysterical!  You guys are too funny!  I hope you had a great weekend!

sunnyside46 said...

you should meet my dear fartin hubby