Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've got the 'blahs'.  I've had a bloody headache parked behind my right eye for 2 days now.  It seems to feed off of non-asprin pain relievers.  It favors Corona.  It is impartial to coffee and it is non-receptive to chocolate.  It has made me grumpy and unreasonable.  Being stuck on dial-up isn't helping any either, but I'm too irritable to even mess with the dang computer connections.  I'm afraid something bad will happen, I will totally freak, start ripping things off, throwing things around, totally demolishing my Dell... and a guilt trip is the last thing I need right now.

So anyhow, I've got to make this trip online quick since my phoneline is being tied up.  Unfortunately, and anyone who has dial-up can appreciate this oxymoron... there is no such thing as a quick trip online with dial-up. 

The comic hypnotist show last night was awesome.  I think the guy must have hypnotized me the last time into thinking that he was the sexiest hypnotist I have ever seen, because DANG!  Dickidoo didn't volunteer this time although he did ask me if I thought he should.  I was feeling so grouchy last night that I probably would have done or said something really mean to him if he did, so I didn't encourage him but we got free passes for this weekend and I will try to get him up then, when I'm in a better mood.  Truth be known, if Dickidoo were to relax enough to go under I think he would be a blast to mess around with!   

School starts next Wednesday.  I've got a good list of chic-flicks to choose from (thanks for all the suggestions!), gonna stock up on cookies and gourmet coffee, I've got a case of European hazelnut chocolate (a gift from my neighbor), I am set!  I can sunbath in the hot tub, take uninterrupted candlelight bubblebaths, oh the possibilities!

ERK!  HOLD EVERYTHING!  Dang, I just remembered I've still got Zack home... he's taking a semester off before jumping into college.  Okay, scratch the sunbathing in the hot tub for the time being.  Maybe we can get him a job during the day....  Oh well, I'm still having my celebration onWednesday morning!  Someone asked me yesterday at the grocery store when the kids go back.  When I told them exactly how many days were left, the person laughed at how I had already started counting down.  Are you kidding?  I've been counting down ever since the last day of school at the end of May!

6 more days!


cmarlow330 said...

lololololololololololol hahahahahahahahaha

mum24boyz said...

I get a wicked migraine right in the corner of my right could take a pulse there, that's how bad it throbs!! Mine has grown used to tylenol, and now prefers advil migraine..with a shot of tylenol on the side as well....greedy gus it is...should try the beer remedy...or better yet, a mike's hard lemonade remedy?? mmmmm...

Robyn :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

I hate those headaches right behind the eyes! ughh!  Then if you take the sinus and allergy medicine it feels like your gonna to bounce off the walls for a couple of hours then your body totally crashes after that! lol  I know the feeling.  School has already started here....but I have two at home to be homeschooled.  It's all good though.  Take care, Shelly

princesssaurora said...

Sorry about the headache...that sucks!  I usually drown mine in coffee and it works...if it doesn't - I hit the vicodin...but not until later at night when I won't have to think or do anything for

Be well,

jackiebenice said...

Eww.. My school starts Tuesday.. that stinks butt.. But  yeah.. I hate the 'blahs' and headaches suck butt

take care!! i hope u feel better


chseroo said...

Since I live out here in the sticks of Kentucky, all I am able to get is dial up. I dream of the day when DSL becomes available in my area. Hope the headache goes away!

sunnyside46 said...

i start monday, no more lazy summer for Caitlin & I ! I will miss being with her all day,but I am excited about school!

mamamiah41 said...

Goodness luclky you!  I have 3 more weeks before the termites head back to the nest.  Coffee is ready and so are the books I haven't been able to read!  Blessings! Maria

cneinhorn said...

after labor day many days is that?  Oh another summer winding down...bittersweet but oh so welcome!


cmarlow330 said...

Let me be the first to congradulate ya............


( Your Picture blog got picked as BETTYS PICK OF the week )



* sniffles * I wished mine would get picked.. lol

judithheartsong said...

I hope that your headache eased.... my SIL always got headaches from chocolate.  Hope your weekend is great Dorn! judi