Thursday, August 4, 2005

CEREAL BARS and coffee creamer

I went shopping yesterday and grabbed some Special K cereal bars for my morning meal.  I'm not really a breakfast person, but I'm trying to get healthy here so I'm trying to start a routine.  Cereal bars seemed like a good start.  So anyhow, I get home with my little prize and decide... hey, lets try these little puppies out and see how they taste!  It was Peaches and Berries... mmmmmmmmmm!  I should have read the wrapper.  If I had, I would have seen that the bar only weighed .81 oz.  Then I wouldn't have been surprised when I ripped open the packaging and revealed this teenie tiny bar that couldn't be but maybe 1x3.... inches that is!  Its not even a full ounce for crying out loud!  It has maybe the equivelent of 3 spoons full of cereal.  But.... it did smell amazingly good, and after I scarfed it up in 4 bites, I was surprised to admit that yes, I was satisfied!  And so I give my unpaid and unofficial product endorsement to Kellogg's Special K cereal bar, light (.81 oz!), satisfying and only 90 calories!  Shoot, come to think of it chocolate cake would only be 90 calories if you cut the serving down to a 1x3 inch slice!  Yah know what... I may be on to something there.... diet breakfast chocolate cake!

I got some coffee creamer while I was shopping.... LOTS of coffee creamer.  And the real stuff, with all the fat and sugar and carbs a growing body needs!  Dickidoo keeps buying the Fat-Free and Sugar-Free stuff.  He acts like its an accident, but I know better!  He wants me to slim down so he can play with my 'super-model' body.  Yeah, well, buy me a membership to Curves, but don't mess with my coffee creamer!  In the mean time you better get used to my Super-Sized-Model body, cos its not going any where any time real soon.  I read somewhere yesterday that I'm 'volumptuous', not fat!  I like that... volumptuous!  It sounds like a loaf of soft bread, fresh from the oven... with lots of butter dripping over the top! Okay, you know what, this cereal bar is not cutting it.  I need more coffee!


derasta said...

Dorn, how you make me are so funny! Chocolate cake breakfast bars!!!

jckfrstross said...

Hi I added your journal to my alerts You are so funny where in colorado do you live? I live in lafayette east of boulder


sunnyside46 said...

zaftig is a good word too!

robinngabster said...

I just called my husband before I sat down to the computer and told him I was out of creamer! I do like the fat free kind, I get the cinnamon vanilla or the carmel. I love em and I need some RIGHT NOW!  I have my mug all ready, the coffee is smelling good and all I need is for him to get his butt home with my cream!  LOL

sdoscher458 said...

Oh...I can picture the cereal bar didn't have a chance.  I gave up coffee this morning and am drinking Green Tea...I'll probably run out of steam in about oh say...five minutes! Sandi

redsneakz said...

I'm not a breakfast person, because 1) I usually don't have time, and 2) when I do eat breakfast, it's this huge, honkin' breakfast with eggs and toast with cream cheese and if I'm feeling frisky and there is a baked potato in the fridge, hash browns.  And don't lay that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" on me either.  Coffee is.

cmarlow330 said...

lololololololol... I guess im a Big Boned Boy.. lolol I call myslef Velumpious somtimes hahaha... lol Buyt I would love to be 180 again and not 25---- oh wait let me not say. haha.. lol ...... :-P

yeah i love the coffee mate stuff the umm kind thats Vanilla ... * drouls * sigh.. lol

dang its 11 30 am.. lol to late for coffee.. but I sure am eating these CREAM SAVER Strawberries and cream candy down... lolololol they are good.. lol with my Coke ZERO sitting over here.. dang I need to start drinking more water than soda.. lololol


have a grrrrrreat day!

purplectigger said...

Years ago when the Milky Way Lite bar came out I decided to try it. I soon figured out why it was lite. It had the same ingreadents as a regular Milky Way, it was just smaller. Why pay the same amount for a smaller candy bar? Who wants a Lite candy bar anyway? Surley not me.
Hugs, R.C.

cdittric77 said...

I call my little belly a buddha :)
Peace and love,

princesssaurora said...

My dad is always picking up fat freeand reduced fat half and half and crap, too! - I want good old pure half and half.  Don't mess with the coffee makings... I agree!  

Be well,

swmpgrly said...

I have tried the special k they are good but small.
I tried the south beach breakfast bars because they were on sale and they were great and I think they are a little bigger.
I ate them all so I cant say for
The only one I didnt care for is the chocolate because I felt like I was eating a candy bar for breakfast.
However I would have no problem eating chocolate cake for