Sunday, November 5, 2006


GRUDGE BOWL:  Boobidoo 30 - Dickidoo 20

Every year when the Steelers and the Broncos play against each other it becomes the Grudge Bowl pitting husband and wife against each other as their teams duke it out at the scrimmage line.  After I was forced to listen to the Bronco's game on the radio last week while Dickidoo watched the game in comfort in front of tv downstairs in the den, the grudge match was no longer about football.  It was the battle of the sexes.

And naturally the better spouse and team walked away victorious with Denver scoring 31 against Pittsburg's 20.  Dickidoo got brief satisfaction by retaining control of the remote and flipping over to the  NASCAR Dickies Dickidoo 500 through out the game, causing me to miss several precious moments of my team totally stomping his team.

Once upon a time Dickidoo and I used to be able to lay together on the couch and snuggle. Obviously the leather couch has succumbed to extreme shrinkage over time. Today during the Grudge Bowl was not a cuddling occasion and so we lay in opposite directions but it was a tight fit with limbs overlapping.  I ended up with my feet underneath Dickidoo's gas valve and warned him not to even think about farting on me.

Did you know that farts can be induced by the mere mention of the word?  I know that now


jckfrstross said...

Watch out for that gas valve LOL glad the broncos won woohoo


midwestvintage said...

  I think this grudge match may end up being more fun the watching the game,LOL.  I have a shrinking couch also, and bed, chairs, wardrobe.......


missheathyrmaree said...

i love it!

deshelestraci said...

Yeah for the Broncos!  They're one of my friend's teams too.  I don't watch football.  But it sounds like fun at your house!

swmpgrly said...

I love those pet

princesssaurora said...

I am glad that you won the Grudge Bowl... farts notwithstanding!

be well,