Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Did anyone get an alert for my lastest (and deleted) entry entitled 'Dispundit'?  It was a work in progress that should have been on my test journal but the idiot that I am... I posted it on Dust Bunnies... and then I deleted it when I realized the mistake... without copying it first!  Grrrrrrr!  I hate when I do that!

If you got a copy in your alerts would you please send it to me so I can edit it and repost it, please?


sschwingler said...

I forwarded it to you :)

cmarlow330 said...

I didnt vote .. Im not registered in texas Lol :(

neither are my parents :(

hewasolddog299 said...

In case michelle didn't get everything (my AOL alerts only show the 1st paragraph) I sent the post as it appeared in my Bloglines newsreader.