Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I never thought the day would end but it finally did .  I rushed home to enjoy a moment of peace before 'they' got home and turned the brief tranquility once again into chaos.

I open the door and close it softly, as if afraid someone might be alerted of my presence, but there is nobody else at home.  I sit down with a sigh.  All is quiet with the exception of the wind outside the window, blowing through the trees and sounding so much like the waves on the ocean that I miss so much.

I close my eyes against the stark fluorescent glare of the light bulb and imagine myself on a distant beach, my bare toes burying themselves in the sand.  I can almost feel the gentle rays of the sun warming up my chilled skin.  The faint scent of coconut oil and salty sea air teases my nostrils.  I sigh again, this time with contentment.

(bang, bang, bang)



'Mom, can you hurry?  I have to go BAD!'


Have you ever tried to walk with one foot asleep? 

Okay, now, have you ever tried to walk with two feet asleep?  I guess it would be funny... if I were watching someone else doing it, but it was me who was walking like a puppet, bouncing against the sink and walls, trying to keep from falling, so no, it most definitely was NOT funny.

And...... I will never never EVER buy another thong.  At least with regular panties I know almost immediately if I have put them on sideways... in fact I don't think its even possible to put them on sidewards.  I hate thongs!

p.s.:  (this one's for Heather)


jeadie05 said...

Dorn ,that made me laugh ,I mean when you have to go you have to go ! and then ,you get hauled back from you beach to ,find your feet were still there sun bathing lol ,Dontwear/like thongs either ..proper knickers help hold up a saggy bum lol Jan xx

deslily said...

now imagine wearing a thong with hemmiroids!

coelha said...

OH dear..  Walking around with two feet asleep is HARD and scary!!  Life is too short to wear a thong.  Julie :)  I hope you can have an interrupted Calgon moment in the near future.  I think my last one was in 1999.  Julie

swmpgrly said...

I love thongs.
I used to always have a wedgie with other underpants so a tiny piece of material between the cheeks verses a whole panty up there is much more comfortable.
I did learn early scratchy materials and buy them a size bigger than briefs.
maidenform has the best for comfortability.

missheathyrmaree said...

i HATE thongs.
sorry your calgon moment was interuppted :[.
and thank you for the stained glass count down thingy.
jeeeze--only 39 more days!

winivere2002 said...

Hi. I'm back for my 2nd visit. I was expecting a relaxing calgon moment and find you in a thong instead! Good thing you didn't put it on backwards!

tendernoggle said...

hehehe...I have done that foot dance thing too with both feet
love ya,

jlocorriere05 said...

Ooh no! I don't like thongs, they're like anal dental floss! Sorry you had your calgon moment interrupted, always seems to be one in the house who needs to go badder than you! Jeannette xx

deshelestraci said...

Fear not!  NO thongs for me!

princesssaurora said...

LOL... they know as soon as we sit in the bathroom in peace... they have some kind of kiddie sensor that alerts them...

be well,

nhd106 said...

You are TOO funny~
Glad  you didn't get too hurt!