Friday, November 10, 2006


I bought a new bra today.  That makes 2 this year.  Its pretty.  Yeah, its pretty BIG!  My size would probably be more appreciated if my cups pointed upward and outward rather than downward.  Grrrrr......  And guess what else?  I bought a thong too.  You know... those skimpy things that go between the cheeks rather than over them?  (butt floss)  Did you know that just by purchasing a thong rather than a brief, I was able to get a panty 2 sizes smaller, cool huh? I could probably cut my jeans size by 2 sizes as well but I don't think the public is ready to see me in buttless jeans.

Dickidoo got his Christmas present early.  We gave him a leather 'Steelers' jacket last night.  There were two reasons for that... 1) I wanted him to enjoy wearing it while they were still Super Bowl Champions, because lets face it, there's no way they're going to the championship this year. (Go BRONCOS!)  and 2) So he will remember to buy me a Christmas present this year (before Christmas is passed!)

We're going to see the hypnotist tonight.  I keep hoping Dickidoo will get hypnotized, I could have so much fun with him.  Wish me luck!


amy122389 said...

How'd you get by with buying 2 sizes smaller?!  When I buy thongs, I end up buying one size BIGGER!  


princesssaurora said...

Oooh have fun, I hope they make him cluck like a chicken!!  That is a great Christmas present for Steve!  He better come thru big time!!!

be well,

radar446 said...

I have to admit, you made me laugh a little when I opened this entry up.  Its still early in my house and I'm not completely coherent, but this was just funny!


bgilmore725 said...

Congratulations on your VIVI award! Best Humorous!! Well deserved. Keep us laughing. Bea

missheathyrmaree said...

i love your thinking on the present thing! ha ha.
hope you're having a good weekend!

thisismis72 said...

oh wow that sounds like fun, wear some buttless jeans to the hyno, lol, Missy

midwestvintage said...

 I think thongs in my size are sold under Sumo wrestlers underwear!  And I bet their butts look better too, how brave of you.  Have fun tonight.  I love hypnotists.


lanurseprn said...

I gotta give you credit....I'd NEVER buy a thong!!  They don't make 'em to fit me!!  <sigh>.
Have a great day.  And cograts on the VIVI!!