Wednesday, May 5, 2004

500 hits!

Woooo Hoooo!  500 hits!  Okay, 478 were from me, but man that looks nice on the counter!


pattboy92 said...

HA!   When I had my first 500 counts, I think about 490 were from me!!

Neat journal!!


dornbrau said...

Hahahahaha!  Just found out why the hit counter was moving up so much lately.  The kids have discovered my journal and have been pulling it up to read the stories.

lostprarydog said...

Your humor and dry wit has brought a smile to this lonely old man's face.  Thank you.  I think your calling would be a Dear Abby type scenario.....just delete the listen up buster!!!

dornbrau said...

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy reading about my life.  I have to say, its been really fun living so far.