Thursday, May 13, 2004


Just got out of the shower and as I turned around infront of the mirror something scared me!  I shouted in surprise, and I kid you not, I actually looked behind myself to see if someone else was there, because there was no way that big lump was me!

My bathroom mirror now has a disclaimer on it that reads:

WARNING:  Objects may appear larger than they really are!

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cooter235 said...

I have only briefly encountered the kind of grief you must still be suffering, when a close friend who was like a son to me committed suicide.  Talking helps, but after a while people tire of hearing about tragedy.  I found that writing it down was best, it allowed me to let my feelings out, and then to go back and read them... this by no means made it better, it just eased the pressure from anguish.
Comment from dornbrau - 5/20/04 8:02 PM


Thank u dornbrau for posting in my journal & u are right,  it really has helped me more than I realized by writing it down.

I have enjoyed reading your journal fact I was reading it yesterday also & I love your since of humor...
U have beautiful children :)