Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Domestic Sculptures

Its my day off again and here I sit, contemplating the day's agenda.  It starts off with a cup of coffee, reheated this morning because I still have left-overs from yesterday's 2nd pot...

I think today I will work on art.  My house is full of domestic sculptures... tall abstract towers of dishes painted with various hues and textures of meals-gone-by, and woven mounds of clothes that dare you to scratch-n-sniff to determine the age of that particular piece.

Tuesday, that is the day that the gallery sends a truck over to pick up some of my older works.  I'll just set them out on the curbside for him to transport to the great Landfill Showcase.  Sometimes he refuses to let me part with a particular piece of art and he will shake his head and set it back down on the curb and drive off.  I appreciate his concern but I have no further use for the art and I just disguise it for next weeks pickup. 

I look at the desk infront of me and smile at the eclectic collection of works in progress.  Maybe I'll concentrate on them instead.  The sculptures can wait until the weekend. 

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svenskagrl said...

"tall abstract towers of dishes painted with various hues and textures..."  AGAIN, I am wheeze laughing, AT WORK!  Boy, those dishes sound like my house.  My boyfriend and I have a dishwasher but with just the two of us, its easier to hand wash them.  Well...some time went by (won't specify actual span), and I came home from work yesterday to find HIM doing the dishes.  I asked him if he was feeling alright.