Wednesday, May 12, 2004


My mom gave me a recipe for homemade bubble solution that can be mixed up by the gallon using Joy dish detergent, glycerin and water.  I mixed up a bunch for the kids and stored it in a plastic milk jug out in the garage.

Sometime later the kids were all complaining about the lemonade and how it tasted like soap.  I was totally baffled because I didn't recall buying or making any lemonade.  I went to the frige and there was the gallon jug of bubble solution!  Steve later admitted that he found it in the garage and thought I had left it there by accident so he put it in the refrigerator with the other juice.  It was lemon scented so nobody thought anything was wrong until they took a swig!  They didn't realize it was soap until I told them, they just thought it was bad lemonade!  Well, they all had the cleanest mouths in town that night!

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sprite1229 said...

I bet they were wondering what would happen if they passed gas..