Sunday, May 16, 2004

Just sitting here in the morning, enjoying the quiet.  This is the last week of school, which means MY vacation is about over!  My kids are not very house-friendly and every summer they completely demolish what little spring cleaning was ever done.  My oldest boy has temporarily moved back home, but I don't foresee him spending much time actually physically 'IN' the house, so the house is at the mercy of his 4 siblings.  I'm scared, very scared!  One summer they let the neighbor kids in the yard and someone stuck the waterhose in the vent to the fireplace on the chimney and flooded the den.  Another summer I found a scorched Barbie in a fishbowl in the garage.  I still don't know the whole story about that, I don't think I want to! 

Not only will there be kids loose in my house for the next 3 months, there will be kids everywhere at work!  Millions of them.  Their moms are freaking out just like I am, so they'll send them to the store to get them out of the house.  Gee, thanks a lot moms!  Kids at home, kids at work... the only grown-ups getting a vacation are the teachers!  And the ones I know personally are so wicked... they actually smirk when they wish me a happy summer. 

Oh well, its just 3 months, nothing a bunch of coffee in the morning and tequila in the evening won't take care of.   4 more days of peace.


beckieramos said...

LOL! I know what you mean! I loathe summer!!! I have 3 kids aged: 18,16 and 11. I dread then being out of school. It was so much easier when they were babies!!! God bless, Beckie

magnoliasong said...

Hi--Loved your journal--by the way--thanks for nice comments about mine---Mags

dornbrau said...

No, thank YOU!  
My oldest boy just moved back in for a little while so I have all 5 home for now.  I'm actually getting off at a decent hour this summer, so maybe it won't be so bad.... Bahhhhhhh! Yeah, right!  Good-bye 'ME' time!  Good-bye peace and quiet.  Ever notice how childrens vacations and parents vacations never coincide?

justus3121 said...

why in the world did they put a hose in the fireplace???  LOL take it you have all boys??  See with my girls getting older and going through puberty my biggest problem is finding a bathing suit that fits appropriately!!!  LOL  I can handle the kids being home, I cannot however handle the 100 degree heat that is on its way.  Its gonna be 93 today. YUCKY!!!  By the way, thanks for stopping over at my do know we post on the Army spuses board together as well, right??  LOL have a good one!!

sasonalmah said...

Sounds like you will have an interesting summer!  Your journal looks great, btw!