Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday Morning Musing

One day while sitting at the dinner table my son belched loudly.  The other kids immediately started fussing to which he replied "Better to burp and taste it than to fart and waste it."  and my husband wondered in digust where the kids got that kind of thinking.  All fingers immediately pointed to me and I immediately pretended to be interested in the cold brussel sprout on my plate..

"And she also said if you swallow bubblegum and fart you will blow a bubble out your butt"  my older daughter chirped.

"Its a lie" the youngest added, shooting me an accusing look.

My husband just sat there with his arms crossed, shaking his head at me.  You can bet I got one of his 'you have to set a good example for the children' lectures after the kids went to bed.

My husband is a great father and a wonderful husband, but sometimes I think he takes this parenting thing way too seriously.  His parents divorced when he was a baby so he didn't have a father role-model.  For instance, I've always tossed spaghetti noodles onto the ceiling to test their doneness and have passed this remedy onto my children... He, however thinks the whole thing is disgusting.   He walked in on us a couple of months ago while we were preparing a pot of spaghetti and stood there talking for a few minutes, all the while a long noodle was hanging down off the ceiling right above his head.  Fortunately the noodles were done, so the tester stuck fast until he left the room.  I dread the thought of what would have happened if the noodle had fallen onto his head!  My son immediately jumped up and pulled it down before his father returned.  I guess its good that my husband is there to give the kids a more matter-of-fact view on life, because goodness knows what would happen if the kids all turned out to be like me!



chattiekimmie said...

I wish the noodle had dropped! The look on his face with a noodle slung across it would have been priceless.  Does that make me bad??? lol :)

angieabk said...

Well, I don't know about other people but so far your journal is the best one I've ever read and I read a lot!  You have a real talent for infusing humor into your true stories and for drawing the reader in and making them "feel" the story.  You're a very talented writer and should do something with it.  Perhaps Reader's Digest... I'm serious.

Even though in my house the roles are reversed to yours (my husband in the alphabet burping king ~ and my dad calls my husband "CHEIF GAS FART ALOT"... and I try to be the serious one... I think every child needs that kind of humor.  Kids deal with a whole lot more stress than people think they do and they need a release... if it comes in the form of methane gas ... well, so be it!

And just FYI... I throw my spaghetti on the side of the fridge... works just as well as a tester and the hubster need not ever know.... LOL


beckieramos said...

LOL! How funny! You have such a cute journal! You are so feel of spunk and life! Stay that way! God bless, Beckie

aiibrat said...

"All fingers pointed to me..." ROLFMAO -- almost choked!

Usually, I find it's the husband being one of the kids, but I think you are awesome the one!

Too bad the noodle didn't fall.  It would've been interesting to see the reaction.  -=)

lopakac86 said...

i have ben cooking for over 25 years and the first kitchen i worked in, that's how they told me to check if it was son gives me your husbands "look" when i do stuff like that at home!! :p

hestiahomeschool said...

Hmmmm. My husband has YOUR role in my family. He has taught the girls to do a Dutch Oven...fart and hold my head under th covers...or "Cup and Serve" fart into your hand and then stick it into someone's face.
love, Kas  

mriordon8436 said...

get a life!