Thursday, March 10, 2005

10 THINGS I HAVE DONE .... that you may not have.

1.  I held a VW bug up all by myself.  Actually I was lifting it with my brother and his friend and they let go... the bumper landed across my thighs but I held it up so the guys could grab some toads that had been hiding underneath.  I wore the bruises like medals of honor until they faded.

2.  I infiltrated a high security government installation to investigate reports of paranormal sightings.  Okay, not really, I sneaked in the back gate of a military installation and drove to some old bunkers that were rumored to be haunted.  My first visit was after midnight with no ghostly sightings, however blood stains were seen on the ceiling of the bunker.  A later visit in the daylight proved that the blood was merely catsup splatters.

3.  I came face to face with a black bear in the woods.  And I was terrified even though I had a gun!  No, I didn't shoot it.  I tried to hand my husband the gun but he wouldn't take it, he just kept singing 'I'm not scared of a big ole bear, my woman has a 30.06!'  Obviously the bear wasn't scared of us either cos he just kept munching away at something in the bushes and we were able to put a safe distance between us. 

4.  I touch about $100,000 a day.  Unfortunately its not mine.

5.  I almost fell off of a submarine.  It was Family Day at my father's base and we got to visit the submarine that he was stationed on.  I stepped on to it, walked where I shouldn't have and slipped.  I don't know if I was really close enough to go over the side, but to this day I swear that sailor who grabbed my arm  saved my life.

6.  I almost drove a car off a cliff.  Seriously!  I took a hairpin curve too sharp and had I been going a little faster, or braked a little slower I would have gone over the edge of a 50 cliff.  The tire stopped right at the edge.  I believe a railing is now up on that portion of the road, but I've not driven there since.

7.  I've been in the Girl Scouts AND the Boy Scouts.  I was a cadet and then a leader in the Girl Scouts.  I was in the Explorer Scouts, which is a co-ed division of the Boy Scouts and later became a leader, I volunteered as a cook at many of the Boy Scout campouts and would fill in as a drummer for the Order of the Arrow dance team.

8.  I was a human pincushion.  I fell into a hidden crack in the ground and was wedged upside down in the crevice that was laced with cactus roots... I managed to turn upright but I was in way over my head and the earth was too soft to climb out of.  My friends found me when they spotted my florenent orange hat poking up out of the grass... I had thrown it up as a marker to catch their attention.  My body was covered with cactus spines, mostly on my arms and face.  My son pulled about 72 spines out of one of my arms before he lost count.  I had to use duct tape to get the fine spines from the roots out.  I was still pulling cactus out 4 months later.

9.  I have been admitted to the hospital 9 times in my life.  The first time was after my birth, and 5 other were for the birth of my children. 

10.  I have never been treated for a broken bone.  I think I broke my tail bone while roller skating, but I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor so that one doesn't count.  I might also have broken my nose, but then I might have broken it a year later and it straightened out.


mumma4evr said...

LOL you strong woman you!!!!!  LOL

csandhollow said...

I like #3!

melissajbird said...


i friggin love this journal girl

i would love to meet you
from your journal you seem to be a very upbeat and good hearted smart ass.  lol i say that with much love.

your journal is one i look forward to reading

even the mushy ode to my son entries get to me.

keep up the great work and please keep sharing.


PS it takes 1 to  know 1.


purplectigger said...

Wow! you've done some exciting stuff and lived to tell about it. Thanks for sharing. Now I know who I want around if a car falls on me or I meet up with a bear.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, R.C.

anarchitek said...

I came face to fac with a scunk one night while we were camping ( see item # 5 in my list).  I was on my way to the restroom in the midle of the night.  I thought it was a coon and kicked dirt at it.  I think the skunk was as surprised as I was.  When he turned to waddle off, I saw the white stripe gleaming in the moonlight.  I almost peed my pants, right then!  Luckily, he didn't spray.  You have been very lucky in your life, to not get hurt worse!  Take it easy, stick around to make more entries, lol.  Bruce  

sdoscher458 said...

Hey Dorn...are you sure your name shouldn't be Brunhilda? At least with regard to #1! You've had so many near misses somebody up there must really like you...I can't imagine falling into a crevise like that...scarey...hey! watch your step..we enjoy reading your journal and want it to continue for many years....Sandi

dvlwitgrneyes said...

This is the first list that made me go "Wow!".

Your one tough adventurous woman!


jcole16757 said...

Great list, the cactus part pains me though.  

promiseluv372 said...

I'd say you are very lucky to be alive!  Interesting list hun.
~ Promise

astaryth said...

Great List! I especially liked #1 and #2 <g>

mystafymeal4me said...

that was good I only found 3 things I have done on there,wich is good because ive done or seen about evrything and
! was the bear(it was a cub at a camp we stoped at  ,but still a black bear and it wasnt caged up)
2 was the cliff it was very snowy and slippery and one tire an the back of the truck went over the edge and the truck tettered and fell back on the right side and was saved.
3 was  I ve been in the hospital 13 teen times at least more if I am forgetting one but 13 I can account for.
Have a great night .

artloner said...

ok, you were the straw that broke the andi's back...well, not entirely, as it was broken long before i met you, but you did motivate me to make a damn list too...and it's not nearly as cool as yours.



jackiebenice said...

haha.. it would be cool if all that money was yours..
take care!

glopsblink said...

Dang girl, I work in a bank and don't handle more than a tenth of that amount in a day! I once saw a black bear with cubs up north, but we were in my grandfather's van so we were fine. I was pretty neat.

When we were coming back to Wisconsin from Virginia, my dad most likely came close to going off a cliff. We were in Pensylvania (I was too young to remember anything) and we were going through the mountains in an thick snowstorm. On that same mountain some actress' bus fell off a cliff. And people wonder why we believe in a God! Gee.... I wonder why......

I've never broken a bone either, but have come very close. As for the tail bone, I think the worse way to break it is in childbirth, as that does happen sometimes when women are giving birth and the kid breaks it. Ouch!

Blessings, Mrs. Pincushion (why do I see you doing this so very easily in my imagination, LoL!!!).

swibirun said...

With the first sentence of #1, I thought you were a goofy car jacker.

hestiahomeschool said...

This is the most entertaining list I have read. Mine pales besides yours!

clean1096 said...

cool list .....I've done # 4 worked for Lowes cash office handled 100 to 200 g's at a time excluding checks......and # 10 I did break my tail bone and went to hospitial after not being able to sit for a week. but your got me on the rest ................Diane