Monday, March 14, 2005


I jumped into the shower this morning and wet down my hair, but when I reached for the shampoo it was gone.  We have 3 bathrooms in this house, with a million bottles of shampoo, half empty, half full, complimentary hotel samples, millions of them, but when anyone needs to wash their hair, they have to take MY shampoo.  All that was left in my shower was the hunting shampoo, so once again I must go to work with squeaky clean hair that smells like DIRT.  Thanks kids... remind me to have a dozen more children so the fun never runs out!

I bought a new shirt last week.  Its a pale turquoise.  I love turquoise, I love this shirt.  My boobs are too big for this shirt.  But I must wear it today, so I found my full girdle, you know, those old lady one-piece bra and panty things that suck you in, push you up and squeeze you just on the edge of suffocation so you can fit into something that is probably 2 sizes too small if you were really honest with yourself?  Yeah, that thing!  Well, I don't know what happened but I think I need a girdle to fit into this girdle!  I don't remember it being this hard to get into, and Lord help me when I need to go to the bathroom!  I have all day to figure out how I'm going to get it off.

Speaking of 'old lady' things, I just got my eyes checked and was given the wonderful news that I need bifocals!  I was also given a prescription for contact lenses, but if I wear the contacts, which correct my seriously bad distance vision, I won't be able to read up close and will have to wear reading glasses.  Well, that didn't seem to bad of a deal... until I put on a pair of reading glasses of the strength the Dr. recommended... and they magnified my eyes... I looked like ET.  I think I've finally distinguished the difference between growing up and growing old.

It snowed yesterday, and last night.  Its still snowing now, big soft white flakes.  The neighborhood is covered with a blanket of white.  Except for my yard.  Did you know that snow doesn't stick to dirt?  Well, now you do.  While all the yards in the cul de sac are pure white, my yard sticks out like a sore thumb, brown and dusty, a pile of barren , used dirt surrounded by a virgin snowfall.  I'm almost wishing for a blizzard just so my yard can look as beautiful and tranquil... but with my luck the snow on my yard would melt and I'd have a mud pit.  Well, at least the snow is sticking to Big Red, and she looks beautiful!


mumma4evr said...

I have a feeling you are living at my house!!! I had to get out of the shower  the other morning and go to DD's room for my shampoo.  She said she put it there sot he other kids would not use it all on me...guess she didn't want me to use it all  either!

demandnlilchit said...

I have good news for you, Bausch & Lomb has come out with bifocal contacts now!!!!! You might want to "LOOK" into it.......lmaoooooo pun intended as usual lol

snnyfl16 said...

Dorn I need to talk to you! Oh well I can tell you here. GUESS WHAT!?

Nobody reads my NEW journal... so I'm posting the first entry here. (Just kidding I am just posting it here so I don't have to write it twice.

WOW ! What a day.

I woke up and I planned on cleaning up the dirt road infront of our house. I went out with my dad and we picked up ALL kinds of trash, paper, bottles, and cans. I went off to the side of the road to pick up a can I saw, and as I was coming back onto the road guess what I saw? A one hundred dollar bill! I casually picked it up, stuck it in my shoe, and went about my trash picking up. Do not attempt to say you just happen to loose a hundred dollar bill, please do not tell me to try to find the owner. If you want a hundred dollars- go clean up a road- maybe youll find one!

I've already thought of all possibilites.

Scenario A) I create a flyer. On it I would say:  Found - a green, rectangular piece of paper which has $100 written on it, and I could say that this paper had a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it. I could put a picture of the bill on the paper- and I could say to claim it please call me and tell me the serial number on the bill.

Scenario B) I could create a road block and stop all people going by and asking them if they lost this (and then hold the bill up)- I THINK for some reason suddenly the rate of people losing hundred dollar bills will sky rocket- expecially on that road.

Scenario C) I could advertise in the newspaper- same description as Scerio A.

Scenario D) I could put it back where it was, cover it with leaves like it was, and see if somebody had hidden it there.

Have - a - nice- day! and Dorn I need to talk to you ! (Nothing important- I never have anything important to say. LOL)

artloner said...

Honey, those girdle-things can throw your back out when you're trying to get em' off! Sounds like you're having a say your hair smells like DIRT?????


Much Love & Hang In There,


ps: I'd keep that $100 quicker than you could say: "Donald Trump"

csandhollow said...

Why not get bifocal contacts? They do make them. I wear contacts for extreme nearsightness. I have to use reading glasses  Bifocals wont work for me =(

astaryth said...

<LOL> I'm so glad that other people have the same 'eye' problem I do! This time my eyes were bad enough that the Dr. said I could have bifocals "If I wanted" <G> We decided that I wasn't wearing my contacts that much anyway, so I could just get glasses for my nearsightedness so I could drive and actually SEE the signs beside the roads.. and I could just not wear them otherwise.. <ROFL> Anyway, it's a lot cheaper than bifocals <snort>

promiseluv372 said...

LOL you crack me up!  ET!  anyway sorry about the eye thing.  I'm on this medication for my bipolar that really messes with my eye sight so I'm with ya there.  They get worse and worse.  But I refuse to "grow old or up" :)

heathyrxmarie said...

Lucky! I want just *one* more snow before it gets nice.  But, not gonna happen, instead it's going to be colder than a witch's tit until MAY and then it will IMMEDIATELY go to 90 degrees..LOL! @@

hestiahomeschool said...

I know I need to go get an eye exam. It's a bitch getting old.