Friday, March 25, 2005


I printed pictures all morning for my scrapbook.  Steve came home at lunch and gave me some money to take the kids skating.  No... I don't roller skate.  Once, a long long time ago I fell while skating and injured my tailbone.  I was in pain for more than a year, but would not see a doctor because somehow the idea of sticking my butt under an xray machine to see if I had in fact busted my butt as I suspected was just too humiliating to bear, so I endured the pain in silence.  Once bitten, twice shy... I will NEVER rollerskate again, I wouldn't want to reinjure my bottom.  If the good Lord had intended us to have wheels on our feet he wouldn't have invented trucks!  So anyhow... the plan was for the kids to skate... but we ended up scraping that idea for grocery shopping.  Skating would have been cheaper and a whole lot less painful... even if I had fallen and busted my butt again. 

How does one spend over $300 on groceries?  I just did it and I still don't know how.  I don't even recognize half the stuff that came out of the bags once we got them home.  The kids are upstairs right now fighting over whos is what and vice versa.  I'm not even part of that argument.  None of it is mine, except for maybe that big bag of rice and the hazelnut coffee creamer.  There's a doggie chew toy... we don't have a dog.... do we?  Who knows, there might be one in one of the bags that haven't been unpacked yet.  Nothing would surprise me.  I just listen to the kids fussing and carrying on and think... Yeah, I gave up my job to stay home with THIS!

So, looking around at the house I wonder.... where do I start?  You know what... I think I'll start.... on Monday! 


artloner said...

let me know what kind of dog it turns out to be, when you find it...   :)

astaryth said...

Cool... a new dog <LOL>

sdoscher458 said...

That is a painful injury I know a kid put a movie seat up when I went to sit down when I was about 12...oh my I thought I was going to die from the pain. Took  a long time to I find no humor in pratt falls.  Since you are retired...let the dust bunnies run riot for a few days....their days are limited!!!  Sandi

hestiahomeschool said...

I love to grocery shop, but my hubby never lets me. He thinks he knows better what we need to buy.


purplectigger said...

Monday sounds like an idea , but don't you think you need to rest up awhile between jobs. How about a week for monday? LOL
Have a great weekend.
Hugs. R.C.

nicurnmama said...

how does one not spend over $300 on groceries?....seriously there are seven of us so it is very easy for me to do that....they do love me at Pak n Sav!   LOL

beckieramos said...

Grocery shopping,,,grrr! I need to do that today. Just hope I don't spend as much as you did! :)
Have a  blessed Easter. God bless, Beckie

mumma4evr said...

I chipped my tail bone once...very ver painful to sit on!!  and as for the doggie bone...feed it to the kids!!  make them chew on it a while!!