Friday, March 18, 2005

MY DESK, revisited. (photo assignment)


This is my computer desk.  This picture was actually taken late last year.  I am currently in the process of being evicted (this has been a 4 month process... its been messy to say the least).  First and foremost let me just point out that Dude, I've got a Dell!

Scattered around my desk are various Coca Cola collectablies, which have been presented to me over the years by family and friends.  Please note the mini Pepsi bottle... don't know how that got there.  It has since been replaced by a mini 6-pack of Coronas.  I have a family tree picture hanger which still has the display pictures that were in it when I bought it.  They are nice pictures so I've left them in until I have time to insert pictures of my own family.  There are my two Kitchen Fairies... I befriended them so I wouldn't have to work in the kitchen any more.  Unfortunately, like me, they tend to spend most of their time around the computer.

I have 2 Christmas ornaments hanging off my shelves, one is of Santa with a shotgun, with a duck flying above his head, and the other is a golden cutout of the Pikes Peak region, with an elk, snowflake, hummingbird and mountain scenery.  There are my two bobbleheads... a Hawaiian sea turtle to remind me of home, and a Smiley face to remind me of work (Wally World).  There are a couple pieces from my small bear collection... my favorite being E-bear, who sits at his own little computer.

There's my Tigger coffee mug, which is almost big enough to hold an entire pot of coffee... I drink 2 of those before work.  There's a picture of Baby Dickidoo (aka the ugliest baby in the world), my hour glass which like all of the other time pieces in this house doesn't tell accurate time, and my beloved music box... my favorite piece on it is Music of the Night (Arthur Lloyd Webber, Phantom of the Opera).  I have some mail there, an old stock statement (sold for Xmas $), a notice for a past-due cellphone bill and a couple of love letters from my youngest daughter.  And finally... dust bunnies... millions of them... all over!  If youlook to the right of the coffee mug... just to the rear, you'll see tracks left in the dust.  Those tracks are still there on my desk, I figure in a few more months they'll be fossilized and I can sell them on eBay as prehistoric dustbunny prints.  And then I can buy a bigger house so I can buy a bigger computer and put more stuff on a bigger desk!

Note:  Yes, I cheated... I cleared my desk before this picture was taken... unfortunately I forgot to dust.  What you don't see is the clutter beneath the desk, or the Coca Cola table that is to the left of my desk... somewhere under the pile of books, papers and other junk.


swmpgrly said...

I have a real big desk...just collects more dust and more

geminiwilder said...

and before i read "look to the right of the mug" i was thinking your desk was exceptionally clean!   i like your 'stuff'.    phinney

mumma4evr said...

I am too ashamed to show my desk!!!!  it is the pits!!!!

artloner said...

I remember this photo...and the "Family Tree" cracks me up. I do that sometimes, just leave the photo in the frame and put it out...those people just look Happier, somehow...LOL.


stephweiss said...

This picture is just not right. There is not a single dust bunny in evidence. I believe someone CLEANED before taking this picture, which is patently against the Dust Bunny Club rules. You are trying to make the rest of us feel like slobs ... ;)

cneinhorn said...

wow Dorn, I was expecting's just so very neat and tidy!