Sunday, March 27, 2005


There will be no Easter Egg hunt this year for the kids for a number of reasons.  #1, they are too old to hunt eggs.  #2  I am too old to hide eggs, and #3  I spent half the night on a Chocolate Easter Bunny hunt, trying to find out where the kids had put them... and quite honestly I am no longer in a 'happy mommy mood'.  I was so tired by the time I finally located the hollow milk chocolate critters that I was tempted to just dump the foil wrapped bunnies along with the jelly beans, chocolate eggs and Peeps in the middle of the dining table and just let the kids take what they wanted.  Heck with fussing with the Easter Baskets.  Easter baskets?  What Easter baskets!  Last year's baskets didn't survive being home alone with my kids... and this year I just didn't have the funds to replace them, not after that little shopping fiasco yesterday.  Even the stuffed critters fell victim to the budget cuts.  I dumped the color coded plastic Easter grass on some wicker trays that I use for parties, tossed some grudgingly stuffed eggs, rounded up my little Precious Moments Beanie Baby collection and donated some barnyard beanies to the trays and viola... Easter Baskets!  I went to bed at 1:20... or sometime around there.  Of course Dickidoo missed all the fun, he fell asleep on the couch!  My fingers are still blue from dying eggs last night.  I look like I've been digging Papa Smurf's nose.  When is it okay to stop with the Easter bunny stuff?  None of the kids believe it any more so why am I doing this?   I spend my money, I stay up until after midnight packing the baskets, then get up early to prepare breakfast... and who gets all the credit?  The stinking Easter Bunny!  Next year they get their Easter eggs scrambled and their rabbit BBQ'd.  We need to get back to the real meaning of Easter.


jcole16757 said...

Happy Easter!

mumma4evr said...

well, since the kids are away for the weekend with DH and his family...I bought a bunch of candy at walmart and sent it in the bag with them!  

loveladylisa1 said...

I wrote this to post in my Journal, but an reading email first (I have your Journal set to alerts) so thought I'd share a portion of it here with you, ...seeing as how it's fitting.

I kinda nip the Easter Bunny getting all the credit problem from the child's first Easter.  Each kid of mine (I have 4) gets an Easter Basket from the Bunny. We have an Easter Brunch with extended family and kids know the family buys all the candy, and we stuff the eggs, it build to the excitement of the day without me getting stuck doing it all. After brunch we stuff eggs, those too old for the "hunt" (13 yrs or older, so not a "kid" any more, they are a teen or older) hide the eggs.  The younger ones are one a timer for the hunt, they get 5 min to gather and collect as many as they can find.  Then the older ones get the unfound ones, so they have their incentives to stuff and hide the eggs in the first place.  Everyone is happy, it kept the kids busy and all us parents, get to sit back, drink coffee or whatever and simply enjoy the show.  Years when I was away from home for an Easter I just included my friends in the festivities and it went off equally as well. My kids all found out about the Easter Bunny at different ages, so it's ok to give up the pretense once they know, but the fun can still continue, with credit where credit is due.
As far as the eggs and bunnies, and the Easter concept, I put those two factor in their rightful place.  This is the beginning of spring, and those two are icons of fertility, and life beginning anew, and as the trees are "born again" (coming out of winter dormancy) and the flowers returning, life begins again. (for those of you who celebrate a traditional bibical Easter and not Ester or Oester, you can easily link this concept to Jesus being born again.  The other holidays celebrated in other religions already have it spelled out for them, renewed life, and fertility)

purplectigger said...

Being the easter Bunny is almost as much work as being Santa isnt it. I quit the Easter basket thing a few years ago. My granddaughters get so much from the others that I do for them when there isn't a holiday.
Have a great day.
Hugs. R.C.

bigred3392 said...

If we get back to the real meaning of Easter, can there still be lots of chocolate involved? :-D

cherry2sweet2eat said...

I Grew out of easter egg hunts im 16 plus just give me my candy dont make me hunt for it!!! lol and plus all the candy and bunnies thats not the real reason for easter its is to celebrate god. so dont forget that point.-Cherry

mzgoochi said...

I loved Easter when I was a kid and I very rarely got a basket. It wasn't about the candy either. To me it was about hiding eggs, eating eggs, and spending the entire day with all my family in church and at my grannies home where she always cooked a big dinner.