Tuesday, July 5, 2005


I hate allergies.  And I hate that its not just a once-a-year affliction for me.  I get it in waves.  There's the spring pollen season, the summer dust and gunk, and then winter brings the mold and other ick.  And I participate in every season that comes by.  Right now I'm congested in one nostril and I can't breath through the other.  I know there are air filters that help eliminate allergens in the air at home, but I need something that I can take with me every where I go since my allergies hit me every where I go.  I need a portable air filter.  I need... a Nose Ionic Breeze!  Just shove one of those babies up each nostril and I'd be good to go.  When it gets dirty, I'd just pull it out, wipe it clean with a sponge and shove it back in.

So how about it Sharper Image.  You've already got the Car Ionic Breeze.  Just make a smaller model, make the Nose Ionic Breeze.  I'd be eternally grateful.

(Not available in stores)


jackiebenice said...

I have an air filter kinda machine..not one of those, but it cleans the air..because i sneez.. ALOT plus asthma..it stinks :-(
take care!!


prdsoldierswife2 said...

I love the pics. They are more then awsome. Thank you so much for sharing with me. You are very good at what you do !! HUGS ~ Sherri  proud soldiers wife

lazarai said...

I don't know a thing about those machines...but I do know a little about seasonal allergies. Both of my kids suffer like you....spring, summer, fall, etc. Luckily, we discovered Zyrtec, which the girls take after the first set of 8 sneezes in a row. It STOPS the sneezing within minutes. They don't have to take it every day of their lives....just when the sneezing starts. It's not an OTC drug, though - you do need an RX. They've tried Claritin, Allegra and a handful of others...but only Zyrtec works. Have you ever tried it - or any of the meds available?


jouell3935 said...

I am with you on this 100%....I will buy in!!!

sdoscher458 said...

Boy, I'd go for it..never had any allergies in NY but down here in Florida oh my it's bad....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

I would buy one immediately for my allergic, asthmatic son!  I love my ionic breeze!!!


swmpgrly said...

If you find 1 let me know...my sister needs one too...lol