Wednesday, July 13, 2005

SISTERAZZI and the restraining order

This is my little big sister.  She is a year older but about an inch or so shorter, and, well, never mind how many pounds lighter.  Guess what, my camara is bigger than hers too!  I took her and her husband to The Garden of the Gods for pictures.  Later, as I looked over her shoulder while she downloaded her camera, I realized...... dang, we have a whole bunch of the same pictures! 

My sister and her husband are enroute to New York for their last duty station.  After that, they plan to move to Colorado or New Mexico to open up a Bed & Breakfast and a yak farm!  I guess that would make my brother-in-law a 'yakaroo'.  But not my sister, she says he's the yakker, she's the bed-n-breakfaster.

Becca and Rocky are at war again.  Rocky has issued a restraining order for her sister who is no longer allowed within 100 feet of her little sister unless she comes bearing food or other goodies.  The offense, Becca has been accused of causing her sister's atomic wedgie.  I was presented with the evidence of the crime at the time and yes, it was definitely a wedgie, and a good one too, but after her swimsuit was re-adjusted, Rocky began to file the charges.

Did I say my kids were quiet now that their cousins were gone?  Did I say it was suspicious and that they had to be up to something?  Well, what ever they were up to, they're done.  My house is once again so noisy I can barely breath.   Ah yes, home sweet home!

Watching my two daughters bicker from sun up to sun down, I know I've asked my sister at least 10 times already... 'We were never that bad, were we?'

She agrees, theres no way!  But we'll keep our parents out of this one, parents always seem to have a different version of the past.

And yes, I miss my little Southern Oompas.  I find myself talking about them to my sister all the time, she's probably sick of them and she's never even met them!  I miss the Littlest Loompa's singing, she really did have a song for everything.  And the Boy Loompa, watching his confidence grow right before my eyes as he tried new things was amazing.  The oldest of the cousins, she was one of my biggest helpers during the trip.  I smile and think about her every time I look at the hot sauce bottle. 

And I hope my brother-in-law stopped and let my sister-in-law get a picture of that 6000 pound prairie dog they saw advertised on a billboard along the interstate in Kansas.  That will make her trip complete.  On the other hand, if he didn't stop, she'll just have to come back and visit us again so she can see it.


rashgirl13 said...

Glad your house is getting back to normal...its probably a happy normal right?

mumma4evr said...

looks like the 2 of you will have a wonderful time!!!

awen1122 said...

Can't wait to see all the pics you took Dorn!!!

gdireneoe said...

I have two girls not quite two years apart...Bless you is all I have to say.  LOL                      C.

princesssaurora said...

Ahh life is back to normal, huh?  LOL  Enjoy your time with sis and of course you were never that bad...we never are, are we???


Be well, Dawn

scotthlori said...

My girls are fighting also and they are only 5 and 3...that or they are running around crazy in the house...there is no middle ground.  Love my kids, but gosh, I miss the good 'old quiet days!  hehe!


lorid03 said...

I can't comment on the arguing of girl siblings as I have 2 boys.  But, the boys are more physical and then the arguing starts.  The joy of parenthood. lol


sunnyside46 said...

oh, I have been to the Garden of the Gods! it makes me homesick for the desert mountains! Will you send me some pictures?

cneinhorn said...

dorn's camera is bigger, dorns camera is bigger  ;-)  and dont' even get me started on atomic little one was talking about that the other day...she's 5, how does she know about atomic wedgies?  must have been on cartoon channel or something!  ;-)


purplectigger said...

Sounds like your having  a great summer. You and your family sound like so much fun. You have so much excitement.
Hugs, R.C.

mzgoochi said...

No matter my mood, I always get a laugh out your journal Dorn. I love the look on Dickidoos face down at the kegs.

I'd like to see a 6000 lb prairie dog myself.

deshelestraci said...

You always make me laugh.  I love your journal.  Have a great time with your sis.

swmpgrly said...

LOL love your kids!

brandyp0509 said...

I'll bet you guys got some great pictures and I can't wait to see them! Hope you enjoyed your visit! Brandy

mtrib2 said...

Seems to me you have everything in order with your family.  Visualizing that atomic wedgie makes make eyes roll back in my head.  Looking forward to more great photos from your more than adequate size camera and your artist sensibilty.     -mark-

cneinhorn said...

having dustbunny withdrawels!  not even a quick fix over on the photo page...well, hope you are having a great weekend  :-)

hestiahomeschool said...

A yak bed and breakfast...oh, how cool!  We'd HAVE to come to that!