Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Have you ever had one of those days where you don't want to do anything but lay on a rock and soak up the sun like my buddy, the yellow bellied marmot?  Thats how I felt today.  I got up, went downstairs, and then laid down on the sofa.  I didn't even make a fresh pot of coffee, I just reheated yesterday's leftovers.  If Dickidoo hadn't called me and asked me to bring him some lunch I'd probably have been on the sofa all day!  Even after a drive and a nice long hike around one of the base's reservoirs, I am completely devoid of motivation.  Tonight I think will be 'salad night'.  We have a totally vegetarian meal every couple of weeks or so.  We tell everyone that it is our way of assuring the appreciation and importance of vegetables in our childrens' diet, but usually it occurs when I am just too lazy to actually cook something.


Before I leave to take up residence on the downstair's sofa I have one last thing to do.  I would like to share a couple of pictures I took at the zoo last week.   I call this little series 'The Dumbest Kid at the Zoo'.  As you can see in the first frame Rocky is trying to get a drink at the fountain.  But wait, something is wrong... Look at the next frame.  Yep, her finger is stuck in the hole!  Instead of using the push handle on the side, the future mother of my future grandchildren decided to stick her chubby little finger into a hole that obviously didn't work.  A thirsty crowd was already beginning to form behind her, but being the loving mother that I am, I had to take a picture for posterity before helping her to get her finger unstuck.  What is it with kids and holes?

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For a good time, click here:  CarnivAOL  Fellow journaler Plittle has started a compilation of journal entries submitted by AOL and AIM bloggers.  He will be updating it each Tuesday, so if you have a journal entry that you are especially proud of and want to share it with a greater audience, or if you want to investigate new journals and writers, this is the place for you.  I noticed he has included a short intro, which can give readers an idea of which links they may find interesting.   Its definitely worth a visit.  Besides... he's included one of my entries in his inaugural entry.  Okay, so I submitted the entry myself, but still, its really cool to see it listed on someone else's journal.  Check it out, you just might find a new journal to read instead of washing those supper dishes!


artloner said...

me2 with the ho-hum thing.  ;)

purplectigger said...

I have days like that. The best thing is to just give in to the urge to lounge and hope tomorrow will be better.
Hugs, R.C.

princesssaurora said...

I have lots of ho-hum days... I relate!

Love the picture of the woodchuck or prarie dog...did you take it?

Be well,


Oh yeah and Happy Birthday to Zack!  I have a Zak, that is just turning 13 next month and I was having coniptions over that!  WOW - 18!!!

sdoscher458 said...

I think it's just yourself letting yourself relax after these really busy few weeks that you have had...So ho-hum away you earned it! Oh that picture is just precious, you can blackmail her when she's grown!....Sandi  http://journal.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises

cdittric77 said...

Maybe it's just me, but I know plenty of adults that have things with holes as well!!!
Peace and love,

swmpgrly said...

ewe dishes

hestiahomeschool said...

Those pictures are priceless...I am laughing through my tears...