Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Shhhhhhhhh...........  My sister is still asleep.  So am I, sort of.  It was almost 3am when we finally said 'goodnight' and went to bed.  That was just a few hours ago.  My children went to bed long before we did.  They are not tired.  They are wide awake.  I have tried to reason with them, weekends and summers are for sleeping in!  You won't always be able to sleep in so do it while you can!  Do it so I can!  But alas, they don't take that advice any more readily then they take any other maternal advice I share with them... Little turds, may they all be blessed with half a dozen little oompa loompas of their own with lousy sleep habits and major gas problems!

I got to see some of my sister's photographs.  Did I mention that she was a mall photographer?  You know, the ones that take pictures of whiney, snot-nosed kids sitting on Santa or the Easter Bunny's water-proofed lap in between JC Penny and Foley's.  Well, I guess she was good at that, I know she always had a talent for making my whiney kids smile, but her talents are wasted there.  This lady can click a shutter!  She had the opportunity of photographing one of the most beautiful places in the world, my homestate of Hawaii, and her pictures are absolutely awesome!  Her sunsets are phenomenal.  I can't wait to get her out here in the foothills to see what she will capture.  I am once again in awe of my sister.

Of course that will have to wait until she wakes up.  If memory serves me correctly, she is one to enjoy her sleep.  And with her children all having moved out, she has the luxury of being able to sleep in.  She doesn't  have to rely on a pot of coffee to get herself jump-started in the morning.  In fact, she can't even stomach my coffee.  She claims it will grow hair on her chest.  Thats not true or I'd have a fuzzy chest by now.  It might however explain my rapidly replenishing pit hair though.


awen1122 said...

LMAO!!!  You gals are gonna have so much fun!!!!!!!

deshelestraci said...

Have a great time with your sis!

brandyp0509 said...

Hope you guys have a great time together, I know you will.  BTW since your sis is experienced in dealing with and getting a smile out of snot nosed monsters could you guys make a southern trip real quick and come take a picture of my two little ones who refuse to smile when I take them to get their pictures made. I have no pictures of these babies, lmao.  Brandy

gardenmantis said...

Sounds like fun times and no sleep are ahead! Hope you can share some of her pictures with us in J-Land!

mumma4evr said...

and when do we get to see a picutre of you and your sister?

sdoscher458 said...

Oh enjoy, enjoy....I love it when my two sisters and I get together...there is nothing like having a sister is there?  She sounds as talented as you....do pictures....Sandi

swmpgrly said...

i can feel your excitment!  you sound like a kid waiting for santa...lol

lorid03 said...

LOL yes, children will sleep in.  When you have to go somewhere, it's in their genes.  I hope you have a great time with your sister.

princesssaurora said...

Cheers!  (_)> To pit hair growing coffee...mine seems to induce the same thing!  LOL  Enjoy your vistit...can't wait to see pics!  My dd8 is killing me every morning my 9am too!  Dang!  I got more sleep when I woke them at 7am drove them at 8am and crawled back in bed at 8:15am!!!  

Oh well...some day they will leave and we will be sad... :(

Be well,

purplectigger said...

Glad to hear she go there safe. I know you guys will have a good time.
Hugs, R.c.

sunnyside46 said...

my little midnight flyer sleeps 12 hours straight now that she is a teen!