Friday, July 1, 2005

THE PHONE CALL and the Loompa Land Epidemic

Guess who I talked to last night.  I'll give you all a hint, and I quote:  "Ohhhhhhh goooooo goooooooo gaaaaaaa gaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaah!"

Gabe called and put little Zachary on the phone.  I guess the little guy was tired and hungry because he gave me an earful!  And of course I had all kinds of advice to give him on how to handle his daddy.  You can read about it here in my Letters to Gabe .  Yes, he sounds as cute as he looks in his pictures, even when he's crying.

Yesterday I ran to the store to get some milk and doughnuts and upon my return I found that instead of just 1 sick Oompa Loompa, I had 3!  Naturally that set the Loompa Land Emergency Quarantine Procedures into effect.  No video games, no swimming pool, no trampoline, no nothing, just rest and lots of fluids.  Symptoms of one Oompa immediately disappeared when faced with the terms of confinement... I guess the thought of not being allowed to play the video games instantly cured him.  His stomach ache symptoms immediately returned when the medicinal tonic Ginger Ale was being passed out to the other two patients.  Well, no wonder he had a sore stomach, he had just eaten 3 doughnuts!  By evening all symptoms from all the patients were gone with the exception of one lingering sore throat.  Hopefully what ever it was has passed.  With this many people in the house, a contegious illness would be devastating.  And we are all so looking forward to going to the Fair tomorrow.

Today we go SHOPPING!


rashgirl13 said...

Woo hoo!  Have fun shopping.

mumma4evr said...

I hope everyone stays well!!  have fun shopping!!!

purplectigger said...

You sure don't want everybody sick that would be a mess.
Shoping ? With that many kids, no way.
Hugs, R.C.

jasmineandlace11 said...

have fun, buy you something new you deserve it with all those kids..
I know you have fun though. love to hear your adventures..

brandyp0509 said...

You guys have wayyy too much fun. Do you think next summer you could adopt me, lmao. I had great fun at our pretend almost ice cream social.  You are one of the very best that J-land has to offer, a real gem!  Brandy

cneinhorn said...

too cute your grandson "talking" to you...hope all is well in loompa land...sounds like you have the situation well under control...and y'all are having a great time!


sunnyside46 said...

congratulations on the quick recovery
My daughter used to put uneaten food into her milk caton ,shake it up & pour it on the floor so she could leave school.
she tells me these things now that the statute of limitations has passed!
why now?