Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The water district for my area is holding a contest for the best use of Xeriscaping, which is the use of landscaping to promote water conservation.  In otherwords, being water-wise.  This is my entry in the contest.  I call it Zeroscaping.  My system is natural and my watering schedule is completely, 100% reliant upon the weather.  If it rains, my lawn gets watered.  If it doesn't rain, my lawn doesn't get watered.  My garden thrives upon this method.  Dandilions are very resilient.  I had a good crop this year but they have long since bloomed, pollenated and gone to fluff, scattering wishes into the 4 winds.  My neighbors were naturally jealous of my success with the dandilion bed and pulled all of their piddly dandilions out in shame.  They do have a nice batch of Kentucky Bluegrass but they also have a higher water bill than I do.  Ah yes, the satisfaction of Zeroscaping.


sdoscher458 said...

Dorn you can take a simple thing and make me laugh..thank you.  Here in Florida we have an over abundance of rain....just the humidity alone could water your garden...so. of course, I yearn for dry weather......I guess the grass is always greener some place else.......Sandi  http://journals.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises

artloner said...


God, I bet every husband on the block secretly wants to smack you a good one.  LMAOOOOO  Dandelion crops!  Thanks for the giggle.


mum24boyz said...

yes, dandelions are very resilient...sigh...if you need a batch, let me know...I specialize in them....lol!

swmpgrly said...

funny how as a kid they are flowers for your mom ,but as an adult they become weeds.

hestiahomeschool said...

Here in the Kentucky Bluegrass area, we still manage a decent crop of dandelions.  But now as good as we used to get, since all the honeybees got that mite.  :-(

cdittric77 said...

I'll take the wet weather any day here in south central, PA. Our farmers desperately need a good crop this year, and the rain is just about enough. A few more good storms we do us all so well, though!
Peace and love,

sunnyside46 said...

i really love dandilions.
the other day my neighbor came & stood by my bed of native wildflowers & said "I have something that will kill those weeds for you" I responded indignantly, "I planted those!"

redsneakz said...

And dandelion greens are very tasty - just so long as  you don't have a dog :-)

jrmkiss said...

While a lot of women can boast of thier green thumbs, mine is subbornly black. The only thing I can grow successfully is refridgerator mold. lol Nichole

princesssaurora said...

Oh boy...I laughed until I cried!  And then I read it to my hubby and we laughed together!  You are a treasure.  You should win!  Your Zeroscaping is 100% water conserving if you ask me and certainly the most eco-friendly!  Let nature do what it likes!!!  YAY!!!

Love your journal...I keep telling you that...but in case you forgot...I LOVE your JOURNAL!

Be well,

abell1999 said...

The most perfect idea I have ever seen for water preservation and landscaping, lol.  I put plastic flowers in my pots on the front porch. Shhh!