Monday, September 19, 2005

DICKIDOO'S BULLSEYE, and the antelope.

This is where I spent my day yesterday.  Before you get all impressed and inspired by the view, let me just add that there are no elevators or escalators to get up there.  I had to hike up.  And I'm not talk about a leisurely stroll up the hill with a picnic basket.  I'm talking sprinting in an effort to keep up with Dickidoo and his long legged friend.

I think Dickidoo was being spiteful because he knows I don't do 'up' and thats where he made me go, 'up'!  Earlier during our little outing he had asked me for some toilet paper.  I didn't have any so he grabbed a couple of crisp paper targets we use for shooting practice and he disappeared into the pinons.  After he took off I did a quick search of the truck and found a small packet of tissue.  I tried to call him back but I guess he didn't hear me.  I suppose I could have called out a little louder, but whats the fun in that?  When he came out from the bushes with a distintively uncomfortable waddle, I innocently asked if he had scored a bullseye, then showed him the tissue.  Needless to say he was not amused.

I had a lot of photo opportunities, including this one.  Have you ever seen an antelope do this before?  No?  Me either, so I zoomed in on it and took a few pictures... This was the first picture.  The next picture left no doubt what this antelope was doing! 

After spending the day running up and down the cliffs after the deer and sweating off a few hundred pounds I figured I'd done enough exercise to skip my daily crunches. I did do some weighlifting afterwards though.  I call them 'Corona curls'.  Miraculously every time I lifted my 12 oz. bottle of Corona it seemed to get a little lighter until it was practically weightless.  I like that weightlifting routine.  I think I can stick to it without much difficulty.

(I still can't get over the antelope squat!)


heathyrxmarie said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures!  I would love to go with you one day and see all of these things first hand!  And I'm LMAO about Dickidoo! LOL!

sdoscher458 said...

Oh Dorn...I needed to laugh this morning. You never fail me. If I tried to go that mountain...I'd be stretchered down, but it looks so beautiful up there. Never saw a deer do that, saw one once lick a salt stick...great photo....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Great pics as always!  Awesome wildlife pics...I never saw an antelope poop either!  Somehow they edit that out of the Disovery Channel and Nat Geo!  

be well,

rjet33 said...

Oh the things we women do to our menfolk!!!  Poor guys!  Love the photos.


purplectigger said...

Beatiful pictures. I don't like up either and hikeing isn't my thing so I'm glad you got that picture because I sure won't be up that high. Yep, as I see it you could probably skip crunches for at least a couple weeks. As long as you remember to do the weight lifting.
Hugs. R.C.

mumma4evr said...

I hate doing up......and sometimes down is no fun either!!

jckfrstross said...



swmpgrly said...

i cant believe you invaded his

cdittric77 said...

I wonder if he has clingons?

robinngabster said...

Hey...did you know I once fed a real live deer out of my hand? LOL

mzgoochi said...

LOL Dorn, it looks like one Deer is standing on the other. You and Kim take some of the prettiest and most amazing pics.



helmswondermom said...

When I first glanced at this entry I thought that was a picture of a kangaroo!  Then when I saw what it was I knew instantly what it was doing!  That first picture is gorgeous!


lazarai said...

Ah, I see you're already familiar with 12-ounce curls....betcha lift a few forks too, eh?