Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TEXT MESSAGE #2107 (found this on my cellphone)

just wanted to tell you all that i love love you.  keep in touch with kayle. shes under finally in my phone. laters. always.
Sent: 8:52:38am

Note: 'Always' is Gabe's pet word.  If I tell him to be good, or to be a gentleman he'll reply 'always'. He called at 1am this morning, just to say he loved us... always.


Dickidoo wanted to take over the cellphone account since he's paying the bill now and federal employees get a discount.  In order to do this we were told that we have would have to do a 'change of responsibility' to get his name on as the main contact.   Although he is already the authorized secondary account holder they claim they need to do a background check on Dickidoo.  And since Gabe's phone got so much usage and even with the knowledge that he is going out of country for a year and therefore won't be using the phone, they want a $250 deposit on the line.  Are they goofy?  We've had this account for 2 years.   The only thing that is changing is the order in which the names are listed on the account.   Needless to say we decided to leave the account as it is and forget about the discount.  I can't believe we committed to another 1 year contract with these clowns last month.  After the first month into our new contract they already over charged us by $216 and it took 2 weeks to get that one sorted out.  Well, only 11 more months.  I can hardly wait to see  what they'll pull next.


heavenboundct1 said...

aww how sweet... makes me cry

cdittric77 said...

A wonderfully beautiful message - except for the cell phone racket! Almost as bad as health care!

robinngabster said...

Cell phone companies are criminals!!!!!   I think all military familes should get huge discounts...I mean it only seems fair that while they are fighting for their country they should be allowed the freedom to call and not worry about the bill. I know they offer moral calls...we had those when Michael was in Korea but it was hardly enough time. Guess you take what you can get.

How sweet of him to text you and what a wonderful message. You did good Mom.

heathyrxmarie said...

Awww!  I hate cell phone issues.  @@.  I have had my fair share lately! :)

princesssaurora said...

I'm thinking that that message above makes all the cell company bullcrap worth it.

What a wonderful boy you have...

Be well,

swmpgrly said...

May I ask who you have for a provider?

jckfrstross said...

Oh i hate cellphone companys they stick it to you lol Glad Gabe got to call:)


womandriver2 said...

I love your journal. I will keep your son in my prayers.  I can not imagine being the mom of a soilder.  I'm not sure I could deal with sending a child of into that situation.  Even though I am sure your son does not think of himself as a child they are still our 'babies' no matter what their age.

rjet33 said...

Yep, I just noticed in my checking account AOL overcharged me $35.00.  I have a BYOA account.  I have to check that out.  We have had nothing but trouble with being overcharged for cell phones.  I got rid of mine.  Hubby has to keep his because he is self-employed and that is his business phone.  He is never on the same job very long and has to be reachable at all times.

Love and prayers for Gabe.


purplectigger said...

I don't even want to guess who you have phone service with. Cell phones confuse me. That's why I let Sammie handle it.
Hugs , R. C.

artloner said...

Those Money-Grubbers should let military families talk FREEEEE, for Pete's sake!

My prayers for Gabe's safety...always.  :)


ps: who is your provider?

sunnyside46 said...

stuff like that makes me crazy

helmswondermom said...

Glad Gabe got there safely.  Sounds very sweet.