Wednesday, September 7, 2005

FAREWELL PICS, and the sound of music?

These pictures were taken at 5:30 am on September 5th, the day Gabe left.  In fact, Gabe should have been at the airport by 5, but he was still out with his friends!  The plan was for us to take some nice family portraits before he left.  Unfortunately, and true to form, this was as good as it got.  Don't we look like a bunch of hillbillies?  Well, thats because we are!

Rocky is in the school band.  She couldn't take up a nice quiet instument, like the violin or flute.  She chose percussion.  At first I thought that was pretty neat, and besides, there is no way that she could carry those things back and forth to school, so they would stay there, right?


I now have a snare drum and a xylophone in the livingroom.  My body is still jumping and twitching from post tramatic stress!  All afternoon and evening... ba da bang, da da dang.... ting a ling a ling!  And then again this morning.  Aghhhhhhh!

I was informed at the music store that 50% of the rental fee goes towards the purchase of a new drum if we so desire.  I so do NOT desire!  I gave the girl at the counter a look that said 'You are sooooooo NOT funny!'  She smiled because she obviously thought she was.  (butt!)

Art is playing the tuba this year.  He started out with a flute, but I guess that wasn't big enough so he took up the French horn.  Once he mastered that they assigned him to the tuba.  Why on earth would they give the smallest guy in the band the largest instument in the band?  That tuba probably weighs more than Art does!  Well, at least he doesn't have to bring it home.  Somehow I can't see my sanity surviving a snare drum and tuba duet.

I am flourishing in my newly discovered role of health nut.  I've never done anything good for myself voluntarily so knowing that my steady diet of antioxidant rich foods such as coffee, beer, wine, and potatoes is actually GOOD for me has been quite inspiring.  I may become an obese alcoholic, but at least I'll be cancer free and have a healthy heart!


mom23nca said...

My (now) 6th grader took up the french horn last year.  She loves it so we get serenaded nightly with her lovely sounds.
I think your family pictures are fantastic.!

cdittric77 said...

Nothing wrong with being a hill billie :)

awen1122 said...

Rocky is SERIOUSLY your Mini-Me!  LOL!!  Cracks me up!!!!

demandnlilchit said...

Your kids are beautiful Dorn! And could Gabe look anymore like his Father or what???

gdireneoe said...

I don't see any hillbillies...where?  You guys are beautiful. ;)  C.

promiseluv372 said...

lol Love your new healthy way of life :)
What a beautiful family!!  You have so many reasons to be proud!

redpoppy007 said...

LOL~ you are a character! I always get a laugh when I see your journal..
i love it..your son is so handsome and I know you are very proud.
I hope he gets to come home and stay home when he gets out of the service.
You are blessed...good looking the lot of you!

jckfrstross said...

What a beautiful family! Let me know if you need an ear when your boy goes over seas ok


rjet33 said...

I was ROFLMBO reading this entry.  My husband is a drummer so I can relate.  You have a beautiful family, Jody.  Prayers for Gabe and for you!!!!!


lazarai said...

I can sooooo relate! I tried to talk my 12 year old into playing the piccolo, but no, she decided on alto saxophone. That wasn't TOO bad, except we paid on it for a year and then she decided she wanted to play the baritone saxophone this year. We had to give up the alto's contract and start a new one for the baritone. This one is gigantic - it takes two of us to get it in and out of the house and into the van. Once at school, she uses a dolly to roll it around. And the real kicker? She decided that she hates it. I can't say I blame her - the sound isn't half as nice as the alto's and it's so darned huge!

Oh well. Next year, she'll probably go for something a cello! (NOT!!!)

;) Carol

beckieramos said...

My prayers are with Gabe for safety. Also, for your poor ears! God bless,Beckie

mzgoochi said...

LOL yes you look like true blue hillbillies and I love it!

princesssaurora said...

Works diet works for me!  AND the pics are wonderful...

Be well,

cmarlow330 said...

lololol hahaha i cracked up at the TING A LING DINGLING LING TING TING part.. lolololololol

hey. i use to play tuba back in the 10th grade lol the big one that raps around you my god did my shoulders hurt after wearing that thing for 2 hours straight.. sigh........

then I went to baritone then back to Bass Clarinet which is what I was good at.... yeah lol guys play clarninet.. lolololol