Friday, September 9, 2005


As I stand on the thresh-hold of '45' (which is just 5 years shy of half a century) I realize that I am still every bit of the tomboy that I was as a kid.  Oh, I'm not a total tomboy, I still have my feminine influences but truth be told, I'm more like one of the guys than I am like one of the girls.

I can belch with the best of them but I always follow up with 'excuse me'.

I'm good at playing 'quarters', the drinking game, but I always bail out early because of my allergy to alcohol.

I love football, but I pick my teams based on their team logo.  If they don't look cool, they don't deserve to win the Superbowl.

I actually enjoy smoking a pipe on a rare occasion, but the tobacco has to be fruit or icecream scented.

I like bugs, from a distance.

I love war movies, but I always cry when the heros die.

I love the mountains, but am terrified of heights ( yeah, I don't get that one either)

I hunt for food and clean my own kill, but hate getting guts under my fingernails.

I drive a big pick-up truck, and blast Phantom of the Opera from the cd player.

My favorite outfit consists of blue jeans, and a white lace blouse.

I cuss like a sailor, but substitute with names of fruit around the kids.

And yes, I FART!  but I'll always deny it because everyone knows that mommy's don't fart!


thisismis72 said...


rjet33 said...

ROFLMBO!  Yep, I would have to agree, after this entry, you definitely have some Tomboy in ya!!!

I can relate to loving the mountains and being afraid of height, yet I have been over Trail Ridge probably 6-7 times now, which is the highest continous road in the United States. :-)

swmpgrly said...

Lmao too funny

princesssaurora said...

LOL - I loved this entry!  We women are such an enigma!  Mommies don't fart in my house either!

Be well,

lilhoneybee81 said...

I can belch with the best of them too and only occasionally add an excuse me!!  Oops!


plieck30 said...

Ha cute entry. Paula

gdireneoe said...

Guess what was sung at my wedding?  All I Ask Of You.  Love it. ;)  C.

mumma4evr said...

of course Mommies don't fart...we toot!

sdoscher458 said...

Cute....Dorn you said allergy to drinking? Does your face flush? That happens to my daughter I wonder if it's a Japanese thing? My MIL could not drink, from the translation I got she said she looked like sunburn if she drank. Just wondering. Sandi