Thursday, September 1, 2005


Only 4 more days with Gabe before he returns to Fort Campbell.  His fire-retardant underwear came in the mail yesterday.  Yep, fireproof man-panties!  We bought him 2 whole sets, tops, bottoms, hoods.  They're designed to withstand extreme temperatures for 120 seconds. 2 minutes, that doesn't seem like a long time, but I imagine it can feel like an eternity if you are in the middle of a fire.  These will give him 2 minutes of protection to find a way out to safety.

Only 12 more days until he leaves the relative safety of his homeland to take the place of another American soldier who will be able to return to his family's loving and grateful arms.  Less than two weeks and he'll be directly in harm's way.  I dread that moment.

Only 12 more days and I'll be 45.  I neither dread nor rejoice its approach.  There isn't much to look forward to, I've already gotten my present.  Dickidoo told me when he gave me the camera that it would serve as my gift for all occasions, past and present, for the next decade!

59 days until Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween!  Besides passing out candy, we always serve hot apple cider, and we have a fire going in the driveway for the trick-or-treaters to warm up by because many times there is already snow on the ground in Colorado during the month of October.

83 days until Thanksgiving.  But I don't really celebrate the All American way.  We have a 'harvest feast' the following day with all of our hunting friends and serve dishes made from the wild game we've collected throughout the year.  Deer, elk, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, dove and trout are standard on the menu.  So, 84 days until the Harvest Feast.

114 days until Christmas!  And this year I get to shop for my Grandbaby!  How fun that will be!  This will be the very first year our family has not been together for Christmas.

And.... (are you ready for this one?  Can I get a drum roll please!)

121 days until 2006!


demandnlilchit said...

Tell Dickiedoo..lumping presents is NOT allowed.....Jim just bought a new Mathews Bow so now of course I want a camera like far I'm not winning the battle on this war, but I still have a few things up my sleeves! lmaoooooo

rjet33 said...

My husband and his brothers would go on a big hunt every year usually around the end of October/First of November.  Most years, they had good hunts, but the last year, my husband was the only one who got anything and it was only a small buck.  The year before, my BIL killed a humongous bull elk, which fed several families for quite a while!  They had also gotten several deer that year as well.  We had a hard time making ends meet and that meat put food on the table.  It is very expensive to live in Colorado, but I sure do miss it.  I feel down some days, I miss it sooooooooooo much.  I would come back RIGHT NOW, if I had the means to do so.  It will be nice to be able to have Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family again though.  Congrats on the grandbaby.

My thoughts and prayers go with your son.


sdoscher458 said...

Enjoy your time with Gabe...stay out of accidents. I know time is flying isn't it?Sandi

princesssaurora said...

Wow!  SOme countdown!!!  You are the best... simply the best!

Be well,

Come and ask me questions I can answer....

jckfrstross said...

Enjoy your time with your son. And yes you are depressing me with how long we have till christmas ughhh



missvincci said...

Great entry Dorn! Happy early birthday! keke. Ahhhh..almost 2006 already? Geez..time flies!


chseroo said...

Have fun with Gabe!!! Enjoy him while he is home..

Man-panties... Too funny.


robinngabster said...

fireproof there is something I NEVER thought I would read about in a journal!!!

I LOVE Halloween and I will be at your house for cider...what time should I show up and do I need to bring anything?   Thanksgiving sounds even better...I will have to come to that one too and wear my stretchy pants.  And since your whole family will be together for Christmas there probably won't be room for me there so I will just have to rough it out with my own family!!  :)

heathyrxmarie said...

Thanks for the countdowns! LOL!  And I'll be thinking of you and Gabe and your family.

swmpgrly said...

I love halloween too!
I thought I was the only crazy adult to love

alphawoman1 said...

Holy macaroni, I thought you were about 30 from your picture! You look marvelous! Happy early B-day.

cneinhorn said...

114 days huh?  and I finished shopping early this year, woohoo  ;-)

jackiebenice said...

Omg 2006! ah nooooo i dred that year........... ill be 18, which scares the heck outta me lol.. But anyways, this year has gone by sooooooooo fast..too fast if you ask me..but aww have fun with your grandbaby!


mzgoochi said...

I wanna spend my Holidays with you Dorn!!

Enjoy each day with Gabe!