Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today's question from the Journal Jar asks what we looked like as a child.  This is a school picture that I'm guessing was taken when I was about 8.  My eyes were always wide opened, as if I was looking for mischief.  And notice the perpetually crooked bangs and loose curls as my mom attempted somewhat in vain to make a little lady out of me, even if just for picture day.  I was always a nice tanned color which contributed to me being called 'black' by  a few ignorant students.  As a minority I was the victim of racial predjudice from an early age but because of my upbringing it hardly phased me.  If anything I think it taught me to stand up for myself and gave me strength through words and wit rather than physical violence.  I have never in all of my life been in a physical fight with anyone other than a sibling.  Nor can I recall ever having lost a verbal battle (although my siblings might disagree), even when the fight wasn't my own, thus the nickname given to me by my father... 'Buttinski'.  I was always so proud of that name although I'm sure it was never intended to be a compliment .


rjet33 said...

People can be soooo ignorant.  I am glad I have raised my children not to be prejudiced.  I never allowed words like the "N" word to be used in my house.  I never used them in front of my children nor allowed them to use them or any other kind of word that would belittle someone else because they were of a different race.  I have had a much richer life because I have friends of all races and shapes. :-)  I am glad to count you as one of them.


swmpgrly said...

I love the old photos that they use to color in.
I remember mom leaving our dresses so they got it right.

dbp2000 said...

When I opened this entry I immediately said, "Awwwww."  What a cute picture of mini-Dornbrau!  I am glad the ignorance of others did not phase you.  You obviously were raised to have high self-esteem.  Kudos.

deshelestraci said...

YOu haven't changed a bit!  That is a tribute to all of the health eating you have been doing, right?!LOL  I imagine you can liguistically battle with the best of them.

sunnyside46 said...

you look so much like Rocky!

cdittric77 said...

Well, Fathers can be that way. My nickname was Monk - because I had long arms and legs and was uber hairy out of the womb :)

cneinhorn said...

aww Jody, you are too cute, crooked bangs and all.  You do look like you were up to mischief, it shows in your bright smiling eyes  :-)  Happy Birthday to you!

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