Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cross Country Pajama Party, Day 1 con't

First and foremost let me just say that having the three girls in the back seat of the car has been a lot quieter than I had expected. They laugh, they talk, they sing, tell silly jokes and just basically get along. I keep thinking 'the calm before the storm...' but I hope they're just bonding.
Val's TomTom sounds like Darth Vader.
"Your journey to the dark side is complete!"
For the first 200 miles Darth and The Walmart Self Checkout Chick argued over which direction we should go. Then it was discovered that Nuvi had multiple personalities and after introducing Darth to 'Samantha' at which point they eloped, I discovered 'Lee' from Australia and followed his Aussie drawl to Custer, South Dakota.
Today we're heading up to Mount Rushmore then it's on to New York, having the most fun possible along the way. Maybe we'll see you along the way!


Evil Twin Sister said...

Calm before the storm is most likely right.

garnett109 said...

My aunt bought one of those gps gizmos and used it on a well known route it said she was driving in a field,enjoy your road trip