Friday, March 13, 2009


I stopped a school teacher yesterday. She told me that she was a teacher like that would make it okay. It didn't. If anything it made her look worse in my eyes. When I got home I made sure she wasn't a teacher at Oompa High. To my relief she wasn't. That would have seriously ticked me off.

I walked past Henry The Homicidal Goldfish after work, chomping on a huge tuna fish and alfalfa sprout sandwich. I suddenly felt guilty and hid the sandwich behind my back as I tried to avoid Henry's accusing glare. Then I looked closer at him... one of his fillets would fit quite nicely between two slices of bread.

The Shit Hound farts worse than any person in the house. I swear she smiles every time she farts, kind of like a kid smiles when he smells cookies baking in the oven. It's like she knows that she's got a tasty little snack in the making.

Art called me from his Pink Haired Girlfriend's car this afternoon. They were on their way up town when they saw a big red pick-up truck with white feathers on the windows and sides. BIG RED LIVES! An old man is driving her now. I hope they travel many safe and happy miles together.

I'm tired. It's after 1 am. I stink. I smell like tuna fish and alfalfa. Think Dickidoo wants to cuddle?


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Anonymous said...

I dont get it Jo.... Your first paragraph didnt make sense to me?

Why were you upset at a teacher? I dont get it?

Btw.. You sold that old Junker big red? wow.. Is the guy going to fix it up?

~ Christopher ~

Becky said...

I am sure you dog's farts are sweeter than my dogs's fats...when JoJo farts, they stinks so much,he runs from the room howling!

Dornbrau said...

Christopher~ think 'store security' and try reading the first paragraph again. And by the way, Big Red was not an old junker. She may have had a few problems~ no power steering, no heater, no air conditioner, windows didn't close... but she was no old junker! She was a classic! Hehehe!
Hey Becky, they call me JoJo at work! But not because of my sweet farts, honest!

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