Thursday, March 19, 2009

T minus 27 hours...

The girls are all packed for the trip to New York. Rocky's suitcase has been packed since Tuesday. Becca since yesterday. I may not have to pack. Judging by the size of Rocky and Becca's suitcases (Rocky's is the size of the Impala itself), and considering Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend and my sister Val's luggage there is a real possibility that there might not be enough room for my stuff. I suspect that I shall be traveling light

I spoke to my girls and warned them that I would not tolerate any sibling rivalry during the entire trip. With grimaced faces the girls agreed. Becca has already made good on her promise and is being the kind, considerate and loving big sister I wish I had been to my baby sister when we were their age.

But they won't be the only siblings on this Great Cross Country Pajama Party. My older sisters (yes, I went there!) and I are past the sibling rivalry stage and are now at the point of our lives where we savor the time we can spend together, even in a cramped little car with 3 precocious teenagers.

Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend was nervous about meeting my sisters. She was worried that they might not like her. Art and Becca both just laughed and said " Don't worry, look who their sister is!" That seemed to put Art's Pink Haired Girlfriend at ease, but I'm still not too sure what that meant.

Art will be Poopy-Sitting the Shit Hound and Weenie Todd (his future puppy-in-law) at his Pink Haired Girlfriend's house as well as watching her siblings during Spring Break. That leaves Dickidoo, Zack and my Nephew alone for 10 days. How will they manage?

I think Dickidoo is actually looking forward to a hormone free environment. I should probably feel offended but I'm just too dang excited to care.

In just over 24 hours we will point the Impala northward and set off on the Great Cross Country Pajama Party!


Melanie said...

Have a safe and fun trip!!!!!


garnett109 said...

Enjoy your trip.
I have alerted the N.Y. National guard and The N.Y. State Troopers that you are on your way!