Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day two took us to the Mount Rushmore Monument. We spent two hours there under the watchful gaze of the 4 presidents. Then it was eastward ho! At this point we have not time schedule and it has been a nice ride full of impulsive stops to ride ponies or run around a parking lot to a store that we wished wasn't closed. (Why does Cabelas ALWAYS close the moment we enter the parking lot, no matter what time it is?)

We did have one little incident, which has earned my sister a new nick-name: Val the Coon Slayer.

"Mom, what was that?"
"Was it a large critter?"
"It was..."

Today we're making one scheduled stop... The Spam Museum!


garnett109 said...

Should of taking the coon to the spam place that's what it is made out of!LMAO!

Just Bill said...

Jodi, liked the pictures. It sure looks like a fun trip. Enjoy yourself and the girls. Have fun, Loe and a hug, Bill