Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Country Pajama Party, Day 4

Monday took us on the final leg of our journey through Ohio, Pennsylvania and up state New York.  The girls were surprisingly good up until this point.  After being cooped up in the ever shrinking back seat for the 4th day in a row they were getting bored.  Rocky was the unfortunate first to fall asleep and woke an hour later with Sharpie tattoos on both arms, her neck and hip.  

Another victim of their boredom were the other motorists on the interstate.  At first they just pulled imaginary air horns to see if they could get the truckers to respond.  They got about 45 truckers to toot their horns but it wasn't good enough, they wanted more.  So out came the Sharpies again and soon a sign was shoved against the window~ 'Honk If You Pick Your Nose'.  After an enthusiastic 'honk' from a laughing trucker, a follow up note was made.  'I Pick My Nose Too!'

It was late when we finally pulled into the drive way for Redbird Inn.  Inside my other two sisters were waiting and we had a wonderful noisy reunion.  I can't help but hope that my children can enjoy each others' company the way my siblings and I do. 

And I hope that any cross country road trips they take may be as AMAZING as this one has been so far!


Tabby said...

I love being able to share your trip with you, I am glad you are updating everyday! Those Oompa's are so funny, honk if you pick your nose...LOL I am glad you are having a great reunion! How long is your trip for again I forgot. Have lots and lots of fun!

garnett109 said...

Love the Sharpie pranks! Lmao!

Traci said...

That is a super long time in the car! I made a sign once that looked like one of those Baby on Board signs that read Baby I'm Bored! I saw one guy lose it laughing over it!