Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping up with the Jones...

Dickidoo just upgraded our cable service from basic cable to basic cable in HD Digital! It came complete with a program box that is almost as big as our wide screen tv and it's own remote, which is almost as big as the program box and has more keys then this Dell desktop keyboard I'm pounding on.

But wait, there's more!

It also has... over 700 channels!

Unfortunately we still only have the basic cable subscription (but in HD Digital!). What does that mean? It means that of the 700+ channels, about 650 are repeats of our basic cable package. At least we don't have to stare at a blank screen while trying to find a working channel among the vast abyss of cable tv.

'They're here....'

(I'm still afraid to go near a television set when the screen turns to static snow - as seen on Poltergeist. You do know that little girl that played Carol Ann really did die after filming the movie!)

We have the same Spanish Soap Opera on about 40 channels. It's amazing. This might be a good time to brush up on my Espanol.


Tomorrow (today?) is my day off so I'll have lots of time to learn how to use this new technology. I'll just hoist the remote control on to the Oompa's Yamaha keyboard stand and bang away at it until I figure it out. I may even compose a couple of overtures while I'm at it.

Who needs a life when you can have HD Cable with 700+ channels!

As seen on TV. This offer is not available in stores so call now! Supplies are limited!


garnett109 said...

With 700+ stations you'll miss work

Just Bill said...

Jodi, you busted me up again. Enjoy the TV and HD. 700 channels is a bit much for me. I only watch the six o'clock news. Have fun tomorrow. I still can't program my DVD. Bill